Pantex Falling Man - Independent Review Panel Report (English)

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Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) Pantex took the initiative to organize a Review Panel of subject matter experts to independently assess the adequacy of the Pantex Tripping Man Analysis methodology (13385-ANL-2, referred to as just 13385 through the rest of this SAND Report). The purpose of this report is to capture the details of the assessment including the scope, approach, results, and detailed Appendices. Along with the assessment of the analysis methodology, the panel evaluated the adequacy with which the methodology was applied as well as congruence with Department of Energy (DOE) standards 3009 and 3016. The approach included the review of relevant documentation, interactive discussion with Pantex staff, and the iterative process of evaluating critical lines of inquiry. Since 13385 was designed to be part of a larger hazards analysis process, the panel found it very difficult to evaluate in isolation. Only until the panel was exposed to broader factors of the operations, tool design, and hazard analyses, was the panel able to make an assessment of 13385. The panel determined that the methodology as defined in 13385 is an adequate baseline, along with its application to tool designs. The panel also determined that the methodology is congruent with regulatory requirements. For example, Pantex has used a statistical distribution (as opposed to a deterministic) method for input parameters (e.g., 95th percentile Pantex male weight) to 13385. The panel found several features of the methodology and application that render the assessment of adequacy unnecessarily cumbersome. Weaknesses in the methodology and recommendations for improvement are included in this SAND Report.