Adapting an Agent-Based Model of Socio-Technical Systems to Analyze Security Failures (English)

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This paper works towards developing agent-based models of socio-technical systems to study security failures. These models could contribute to multi-component simulations such as cyber range events, where they would generate network traffic. Agent-based modeling[10] involves autonomous and proactive programs which communicate peer-to-peer. Socio-technical system approaches involve models of humans, their organizations, the tools they use, and the interaction between all of these. Agent-based models of socio-technical systems have been applied in the context of air traffic systems of air traffic controllers and pilots[11], economic production/consumption networks, and more. The components of our model need to be justified in terms of theory or data, preferably both. As a starting point we adapt an agent-based model of socio-technical systems developed by Crowder, which is based on concepts from industrial psychology, on data collections, and on discussions with subject matter experts.