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Since general relativity is a consistent low energy effective field theory, it is possible to compute quantum corrections to classical forces. Here we compute a quantum correction to the gravitational potential between a pair of polarizable objects. We study two distant bodies and compute a quantum force from their induced quadrupole moments due to two-graviton exchange. The effect is in close analogy to the Casimir-Polder and London-van der Waals forces between a pair of atoms from their induced dipole moments due to two photon exchange. The new effect is computed from the shift in vacuum energy of metric fluctuations due to the polarizability of the objects. We compute the potential energy at arbitrary distances compared to the wavelengths in the system, including the far and near regimes. In the far distance, or retarded, regime, the potential energy takes on a particularly simple form: V(r)=-3987ℏcG^{2}α_{1S}α_{2S}/(4πr^{11}), where α_{1S}, α_{2S} are the static gravitational quadrupole polarizabilities of each object. We provide estimates of this effect.

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Gatemon Benchmarking and Two-Qubit Operations
Casparis, L / Larsen, T W / Olsen, M S / Kuemmeth, F / Krogstrup, P / Nygård, J / Petersson, K D / Marcus, C M | 2016
Generation of Superponderomotive Electrons in Multipicosecond Interactions of Kilojoule Laser Beams with Solid-Density Plasmas
Sorokovikova, A / Arefiev, A V / McGuffey, C / Qiao, B / Robinson, A P L / Wei, M S / McLean, H S / Beg, F N | 2016
No Fine Theorem for Macrorealism: Limitations of the Leggett-Garg Inequality
Clemente, Lucas / Kofler, Johannes | 2016
Static Response of Neutron Matter
Buraczynski, Mateusz / Gezerlis, Alexandros | 2016
Resolving the Extragalactic γ-Ray Background above 50 GeV with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Mizuno, T / Moiseev, A A / Monzani, M E / Morselli, A / Moskalenko, I V / Murgia, S / Negro, M / Nuss, E / Ohsugi, T / Okada, C et al. | 2016
Pairing Nambu-Goldstone Modes within Nuclear Density Functional Theory
Hinohara, Nobuo / Nazarewicz, Witold | 2016
Quasimomentum-Space Image for Ultrafast Melting of Silicon
Zier, Tobias / Zijlstra, Eeuwe S / Garcia, Martin E | 2016
Comment on "In-depth Plasma-Wave Heating of Dense Plasma Irradiated by Short Laser Pulses"
Kemp, A J / Sentoku, Y | 2016
Probing the Dark Sector with Dark Matter Bound States
An, Haipeng / Echenard, Bertrand / Pospelov, Maxim / Zhang, Yue | 2016
Qubit Noise Spectroscopy for Non-Gaussian Dephasing Environments
Norris, Leigh M / Paz-Silva, Gerardo A / Viola, Lorenza | 2016
Macroscopic Degeneracy of Zero-Mode Rotating Surface States in 3D Dirac and Weyl Semimetals under Radiation
González, José / Molina, Rafael A | 2016
Testing the Equivalence Principle and Lorentz Invariance with PeV Neutrinos from Blazar Flares
Wang, Zi-Yi / Liu, Ruo-Yu / Wang, Xiang-Yu | 2016
Distribution of Quantum Coherence in Multipartite Systems
Radhakrishnan, Chandrashekar / Parthasarathy, Manikandan / Jambulingam, Segar / Byrnes, Tim | 2016
Two-Plasmon Decay Mitigation in Direct-Drive Inertial-Confinement-Fusion Experiments Using Multilayer Targets
Follett, R K / Delettrez, J A / Edgell, D H / Goncharov, V N / Henchen, R J / Katz, J / Michel, D T / Myatt, J F / Shaw, J / Solodov, A A et al. | 2016
Pseudoscalar Decaying Only via Loops as an Explanation for the 750 GeV Diphoton Excess
Li, Gang / Mao, Ying-Nan / Tang, Yi-Lei / Zhang, Chen / Zhou, Yang / Zhu, Shou-Hua | 2016
Editorial: Climate Science: An Invitation for Physicists
Wettlaufer, J S | 2016
Current Correlations from a Mesoscopic Anyon Collider
Rosenow, Bernd / Levkivskyi, Ivan P / Halperin, Bertrand I | 2016
Quantum Gravitational Force Between Polarizable Objects
Ford, L H / Hertzberg, Mark P / Karouby, J | 2016
750 GeV Diphoton Excess May Not Imply a 750 GeV Resonance
Cho, Won Sang / Kim, Doojin / Kong, Kyoungchul / Lim, Sung Hak / Matchev, Konstantin T / Park, Jong-Chul / Park, Myeonghun | 2016
Robustness of Coherence: An Operational and Observable Measure of Quantum Coherence
Napoli, Carmine / Bromley, Thomas R / Cianciaruso, Marco / Piani, Marco / Johnston, Nathaniel / Adesso, Gerardo | 2016
Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Elastoplastic Solids: A Local Catastrophic Process
Maimouni, I / Goyon, J / Lac, E / Pringuey, T / Boujlel, J / Chateau, X / Coussot, P | 2016
Observation of Double-Dome Superconductivity in Potassium-Doped FeSe Thin Films
Song, Can-Li / Zhang, Hui-Min / Zhong, Yong / Hu, Xiao-Peng / Ji, Shuai-Hua / Wang, Lili / He, Ke / Ma, Xu-Cun / Xue, Qi-Kun | 2016
Few-Body Precursor of the Higgs Mode in a Fermi Gas
Bjerlin, J / Reimann, S M / Bruun, G M | 2016
Comment on "Thermodynamic Efficiency of Pumped Heat Electricity Storage"
Chen, Jincan / Guo, Juncheng | 2016
Recurrent Delocalization and Quasiequilibration of Photons in Coupled Systems in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
Hwang, Myung-Joong / Kim, M S / Choi, Mahn-Soo | 2016
Spontaneous Polarization and Bulk Photovoltaic Effect Driven by Polar Discontinuity in LaFeO_{3}/SrTiO_{3} Heterojunctions
Nakamura, M / Kagawa, F / Tanigaki, T / Park, H S / Matsuda, T / Shindo, D / Tokura, Y / Kawasaki, M | 2016
Circular Polarizations of Gravitational Waves from Core-Collapse Supernovae: A Clear Indication of Rapid Rotation
Hayama, Kazuhiro / Kuroda, Takami / Nakamura, Ko / Yamada, Shoichi | 2016
Footprints of New Strong Dynamics via Anomaly and the 750 GeV Diphoton
Nakai, Yuichiro / Sato, Ryosuke / Tobioka, Kohsaku | 2016
First Measurement of Electron Neutrino Appearance in NOvA
Grudzinski, J / Guarino, V / Guo, B / Habig, A / Handler, T / Hartnell, J / Hatcher, R / Hatzikoutelis, A / Heller, K / Howcroft, C et al. | 2016
Supercooling of Atoms in an Optical Resonator
Xu, Minghui / Jäger, Simon B / Schütz, S / Cooper, J / Morigi, Giovanna / Holland, M J | 2016
Magnetic Ground States of the Rare-Earth Tripod Kagome Lattice Mg_{2}RE_{3}Sb_{3}O_{14} (RE=Gd,Dy,Er)
Dun, Z L / Trinh, J / Li, K / Lee, M / Chen, K W / Baumbach, R / Hu, Y F / Wang, Y X / Choi, E S / Shastry, B S et al. | 2016
Universality and Scaling in a Charge Two-Channel Kondo Device
Mitchell, A K / Landau, L A / Fritz, L / Sela, E | 2016
Strong Quantum Coherence between Fermi Liquid Mahan Excitons
Paul, J / Stevens, C E / Liu, C / Dey, P / McIntyre, C / Turkowski, V / Reno, J L / Hilton, D J / Karaiskaj, D | 2016
Unified Theory of PT and CP Invariant Topological Metals and Nodal Superconductors
Zhao, Y X / Schnyder, Andreas P / Wang, Z D | 2016
Magnetism, Spin Texture, and In-Gap States: Atomic Specialization at the Surface of Oxygen-Deficient SrTiO_{3}
Altmeyer, Michaela / Jeschke, Harald O / Hijano-Cubelos, Oliver / Martins, Cyril / Lechermann, Frank / Koepernik, Klaus / Santander-Syro, Andrés F / Rozenberg, Marcelo J / Valentí, Roser / Gabay, Marc | 2016
Cluster Morphology-Polymer Dynamics Correlations in Sulfonated Polystyrene Melts: Computational Study
Agrawal, Anupriya / Perahia, Dvora / Grest, Gary S | 2016
Homologous Pairing between Long DNA Double Helices
Mazur, Alexey K | 2016
Intrinsic Negative Mass from Nonlinearity
Di Mei, F / Caramazza, P / Pierangeli, D / Di Domenico, G / Ilan, H / Agranat, A J / Di Porto, P / DelRe, E | 2016
750 GeV Diphoton Excess from the Goldstino Superpartner
Petersson, Christoffer / Torre, Riccardo | 2016
Interstellar ^{60}Fe on the Surface of the Moon
Fimiani, L / Cook, D L / Faestermann, T / Gómez-Guzmán, J M / Hain, K / Herzog, G / Knie, K / Korschinek, G / Ludwig, P / Park, J et al. | 2016
Sherlock et al. Reply
Sherlock, M / Rozmus, W / Hill, E G / Rose, S J | 2016
Scaling Behavior for Ionic Transport and its Fluctuations in Individual Carbon Nanotubes
Secchi, Eleonora / Niguès, Antoine / Jubin, Laetitia / Siria, Alessandro / Bocquet, Lydéric | 2016
Hardware-Efficient and Fully Autonomous Quantum Error Correction in Superconducting Circuits
Kapit, Eliot | 2016
Editorial: Theorists React to the CERN 750 GeV Diphoton Data
Garisto, Robert | 2016
White Dwarf Critical Tests for Modified Gravity
Jain, Rajeev Kumar / Kouvaris, Chris / Nielsen, Niklas Grønlund | 2016
Quantum Kibble-Zurek Mechanism in a Spin-1 Bose-Einstein Condensate
Anquez, M / Robbins, B A / Bharath, H M / Boguslawski, M / Hoang, T M / Chapman, M S | 2016
Pressure-Resistant Intermediate Valence in the Kondo Insulator SmB_{6}
Butch, Nicholas P / Paglione, Johnpierre / Chow, Paul / Xiao, Yuming / Marianetti, Chris A / Booth, Corwin H / Jeffries, Jason R | 2016
Stark Interference of Electric and Magnetic Dipole Transitions in the A-X Band of OH
Schewe, H Christian / Zhang, Dongdong / Meijer, Gerard / Field, Robert W / Sartakov, Boris G / Groenenboom, Gerrit C / van der Avoird, Ad / Vanhaecke, Nicolas | 2016