Careers and apprenticeships

The competence, motivation and dedication of more than 500 employees ensure the success of TIB. This is in turn promoted by the library, which offers holistic and continuous human resources and organisational development. TIB creates ideal working conditions and flat hierarchies, enabling the library to react flexibly in the dynamic processes occurring in its environment.

This special dynamic is a result of the rapid increase in scientific digital information, the ever-growing variety of media types and formats produced, and the growing demands our customers place on information services.

Action taken by TIB to meet these new demands includes conducting its own research and development projects in an international context, implementing research data management measures, offering novel publishing services and nurturing scientific communication processes.

TIB seeks to develop potential and skills in the following ways:

  • Training and workshops on developing expertise and professional skills, as well as methodological, social and personal skills
  • Management seminars
  • Individual accompaniment and development through coaching
  • Annual appraisals between employees and their superiors

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Equal opportunities

TIB ensures that equal opportunities are fully respected and continuously takes action for reconciling career interests and family life.


As a recognised training library, TIB promotes needs-based apprenticeships in various occupations.