Media and Information Service Specialist (FaMI), specialising in librarianship

The apprenticeship to become a Media and Information Service Specialist has been state-certified since 1998. Training is offered in five different areas of specialisation:

  • Library
  • Archives
  • Information and documentation
  • Medical documentation
  • Stock photo agency

TIB has been training apprentices to become Media and Information Service Specialist, specialising in librarianship since 2003. Two thirds of all apprentices who completed their training at TIB have subsequently been taken on by the library.

During your apprenticeship, you'll spend time in the various subject departments and teams, familiarising yourself with the services that TIB – as the German National Library of Science and Technology and University Library – provides for researchers and scientists throughout the world as well as locally for students and teaching staff from all faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Apprenticeships are carried out within the dual system: theory and practice are closely connected, and adapted to the content of the training regulations (PDF). By completing an apprenticeship at TIB, you'll have the knowledge and skills required to take on a demanding, diverse occupation.

Does a library card need renewing? Whereabouts in the closed stacks are research reports stored? And what has to be done if a borrowed book has been misplaced? You will always know what to do, and will be perfectly familiar with the structures and processes in the library. After all, during your apprenticeship you'll acquire sound specialist knowledge, whilst at vocational school the focus will be on topics associated with library work such as:

  • The procurement, cataloguing and provision of media
  • Researching information
  • Dealing with customers
  • Organising events

At TIB, you'll become acquainted with your apprenticing company in a practical manner, and will have contacts to users. You will make sure that the closed stacks are kept tidy and will learn how to deal with various data processing, information and communication systems, from recording media to using the intranet.

Practical training is carried out during all three years of your apprenticeship ─ in archives, a public library and an establishment of your choice. In the final year of your apprenticeship you may complete practical training abroad. In addition to attending block courses at vocational school, TIB offers practical classes covering the different aspects of working in a library. Apprentices can also make use of the many training opportunities on offer – both at TIB and Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH). Courses range from health management, language and IT skills to opportunities for promoting personal development.

Educational requirements

  • Realschulabschluss (intermediate secondary school leaving certificate) with good grades in German and English
  • Basic MS Office skills

Personal requirements

  • The ability to work in a team; commitment
  • Enjoyment in handling books and other media
  • Enjoyment in providing services and serving customers
  • The ability to work carefully
  • Duration of apprenticeship
    The apprenticeship to become a Media and Information Service Specialist takes three years. Under certain circumstances (PDF), training may be completed on a part-time basis in accordance with the Law for Vocational Training (BBiG) – second sentence of BBiG § 8 (1).
  • Learning venues
    The practical part takes place at various TIB sites. The theoretical part is completed as block courses at Multi-Media Vocational School in Hannover (Expo Plaza).
  • Remuneration
    Remuneration during the apprenticeship is paid in accordance with the collective agreement of the German federal states (PDF). For changes, please refer to the current collective agreements amending the provisions.
  • Start of apprenticeship
    The next apprenticeships will begin on 1 August 2023.
    Applications will be accepted with the start of the call for applications in autumn 2022

If you complete your apprenticeship, you may be taken on by TIB – provided that a vacancy is available.
You may also find employment in establishments such as public and specialist libraries, with information retrieval services in industry and research, as well as in facilities of other subject areas such as archives and stock photo agencies.

In addition, Media and Information Service Specialists have various continuing education opportunities.
For example, Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts enables Media and Information Service Specialists to study without having Abitur (A-levels), on condition that they have three years’ relevant work experience.


Sabrina Bäckeralf