Equal opportunities at TIB

TIB attaches great importance to equal opportunities for women and men. The library supports the Leibniz Association's objectives concerning equal opportunities for women and men, as well as the DFG's Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality, and takes action to implement them. TIB offers its employees numerous options for personalised working arrangements in a bid to reconcile career interests and family life, embrace individual life circumstances and ensure that caring and other tasks outside the workplace can be performed:

  • Various working time models (such as part-time) and very flexible working hours
  • Alternating telework as a regular working time model
  • Mobile work, home office
  • The use of various offers provided by Leibniz Universität Hannover, such as back-up childcare and holiday childcare
  • Opportunities for further training and education during a period of leave
  • Assistance in resuming a career following a period of leave

Equal opportunities and gender aspects are implemented as a management task at all management levels and in all decision-making processes related to organisational development. TIB's gender-balanced working environment promotes job satisfaction and lays the foundation for employees' skills-oriented advancement, securing the library's performance capability.

Increasing the proportion of women

Another goal is to increase the proportion of women at all scientific career levels. At TIB, the proportion of women was 58 per cent in 2021. 40 per cent of the leadership positions at the management level of the research, junior research and working groups are held by women.

Total E-Quality Award

Diversity in opportunities and equality have been practised at TIB for many years and have become firmly integrated into the organisation as strategic and ethical guidelines. In 2022, TIB will receive the Total E-Quality award – as the only library in Germany to do so for the seventh time in a row.

Gender Equality Plan

The European Commission intends to strengthen women and equality of opportunity in science, research and innovation and therefore requires a Gender Equality Plan as a general condition for Horizon Europe funding from 2022 onwards.

TIB Gender Equality Plan

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