TIB exhibit on display at the Deutsches Museum in Bonn

Geolocation tool of the Visual Analytics research group is featured in an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence

The Deutsches Museum Bonn is on its way: from a museum for research and technology to a forum for artificial intelligence. In recent months, the first stage of this exciting journey was successfully completed with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Experience Room as part of the “Mission KI – erleben . verstehen . mitgestalten” (Mission AI – experience . understand . participate . shape).

Using current application examples on robotics, image recognition, cybercrime, the development of autonomous driving, the ambivalence of voice assistants or “artificial creativity”, artificial intelligence can be experienced. With the geolocalisation tool of the “Visual Analytics” research group, an exhibit of the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology will also be there.

The geolocalisation tool developed by the Visual Analytics research group provides estimates showing where on Earth a photo was taken. In the exhibit, people and machines compete against each other to estimate where the photo was taken - usually the computer wins. But how does it work? The answer: Artificial intelligence.

Detecting fake news from photos

To estimate where a photo was taken, this AI-based system uses only the content of the image and no additional data stored by the camera. First, it recognises whether the picture was taken in an urban or rural environment or in an indoor space. Five million training photos help the AI to further narrow down the shooting location. “In the case of urban impressions, for example, these are buildings or architectural details; in the case of nature photographs, plants and animals are taken into account,” Prof. Dr. Ewerth, head of the research group, describes the process.

A system like this could help to identify fake news as such in the future. It can already be used to check how credible photos are as a source of information and how likely it is that a picture was taken exactly in the region indicated.

More about the TIB geolocation tool

Date: 20 March to 31 March 2022
Location: Deutsches Museum Bonn