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What is important to scientists when choosing an OA journal? This is what the team of the BMBF project B!SON wants to know in a current survey

50 free tickets for BIS 2021

A blog post on the joint statement by CESAER, European University Association (EUA) and Science Europe

TIB minted the probably first Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for a conference with DataCite

A look back at the year 2020 from the TIB's perspective and what the TIB has achieved is available online in "Our highlights of the year"

In 2021, the focus of the virtual conference will be digital communities

Well informed at webinars and various workshops around the library and reference management

TIB participates again with lectures

TIB is featured in the magazine of the L3S Research Center with the OER portal twillo, the AV-Portal and the topic of digital learning and working

Renowned online platform AMiner again lists Vidal as one of the world's most cited scholars in knowledge engineering