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Reading rooms can be used again

To celebrate the Day of Architecture on 27 June 2021, the TIB's AV portal invites you on a voyage of discovery into architecture

Knovel test access for members of Leibniz Universität Hannover provided by TIB until 21 July 2021

Book cleaning at the TIB Geschichte/Religionswissenschaft (History/Religious Studies) site

On 20 June 1908, Melitta Bentz was given utility model protection for a round filter with filter paper – which is remembered today on Filter Bag Day

Building a data space for science and industry – through collaboration between GAIA-X and NFDI

What is important to scientists when choosing an OA journal? This is what the team of the BMBF project B!SON wants to know in a current survey

50 free tickets for BIS 2021

A blog post on the joint statement by CESAER, European University Association (EUA) and Science Europe

TIB minted the probably first Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for a conference with DataCite