From “Perinorm” to “Nautos”

“Nautos” database as successor to the popular “Perinorm” database for international norms and standards

The well-known database “Perinorm” was one of the most used databases at Leibniz Universität Hannover as a central reference tool for international norms and standards. Its popularity is due in particular to the fact that DIN and VDI guidelines, among others, can be retrieved and stored there as digital full texts.

The manufacturer of Perinorm has now presented its successor: Under the name “Nautos”, this is already integrated into the TIB’s database offering. “Nautos” does not differ from “Perinorm” in its range of functions: The search and display functions remain basically the same, but are presented in a new design.

Although “Perinorm” will continue to be offered in parallel until 31 December 2022, it is advisable to update your bookmarks and take a look at the new “Nautos” interface.

Access to the database