Get moving more, sit less: TIB brings new energy into everyday life at university

A time-out with a fitness bike and walking band at the TIB Conti-Campus and TIB Social Sciences sites

Short, light exercise sessions have a positive effect on concentration and attention. TIB users can now test this with the newly installed fitness bike from the Belgian manufacturer wewatt on the 5th floor of the TIB Conti-Campus.

Users can not only take a short break from studying on the bike, but can also charge their own electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets with the electricity they generate while pedalling.

Exercise in the library

Another possibility for a short exercise session is at the TIB Sozialwissenschaften (Social Sciences) site. There, a treadmill is available for walking and working from Walkolution.

The motorless treadmill, which is not suitable for jogging, is only powered by your own steps. At a moderate speed, it is possible to read and work without any problems.

The fitness bike as well as the treadmill can be used during the six-month test phase at the TIB without prior registration or reservation, if they are not occupied. Use the equipment at your own risk.

Enjoy the bike and treadmill!