Lambert Heller on Open Educational Practices in Libraries

In the SPARC EUROPE webinar “Under the spotlight” on 11 April 2022, Lambert Heller talks about experiences with hackathons and Open Science at TIB

In the webinar series “Under the spotlight” of the initiative SPARC EUROPE (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Research Coalition), which campaigns for more openness in research and education, experts regularly report on the various facets of open science and open education.

On 11 April 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00, Lambert Heller, head of the Open Science Lab at TIB, will talk about his experiences with “Open Educational Practices” in libraries and various projects and events on open science, including, for example, the Open Science Barcamp, the Book Sprint “FOSTER Open Science Training Handbook”, the first German Open Science Festival and, in particular, the hackathon “Coding da Vinci Niedersachsen 2020” and other planned hackathons.

To the webinar via Zoom