Online survey on Open Access journals

What is important to scientists when choosing an OA journal? This is what the team of the BMBF project B!SON wants to know in a current survey

What is particularly important to you as a scientist when choosing an Open Access (OA) journal for your paper? You can tell the team of the BMBF project B!SON via a current survey – and thus make a valuable contribution to the development of a new OA journal recommender tool.

The OA transformation is progressing, and scientists are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding suitable OA journals for their manuscripts. As part of the BMBF project B!SON, TIB and SLUB are developing a web-based recommender tool that will facilitate the choice of suitable OA journals. The tool will be provided free of charge, in compliance with data protection regulations, independent of publishers' interests, and according to open source principles.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to answer the questions. The survey will run until 18 June 2021. Many thanks to all participants!

To the survey: