TIB Document Delivery remains available

Information on the ability of TIB Document Delivery to supply items

TIB Document Delivery continues to be available throughout Germany, in spite of the Corona pandemic. TIB provides specialist and research literature from the areas of science and technology from its collections as usual. You also have direct access to the range of free Open Access resources and to TIB’s fee-based digital individual article sale.

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning document delivery

Can I still order specialist literature via TIB Document Delivery?
Yes. TIB continues to offer supraregional document delivery throughout Germany. You can therefore get hold of specialist and research literature from the areas of science and technology, which can be ordered via the TIB-Portal.

Can I use TIB’s full service, including services such as external acquisitions via other providers and reservations for borrowed items?
Yes. TIB’s full service continues to offer the option of acquiring items from other disciplines. Depending on the situation, there may be restrictions because many of our suppliers have limited or temporarily suspended their services. In this case, our Customer Service will notify you of any alternative options for acquiring items.

What should I do if the current situation prevents me from returning a borrowed book?
If the current situation prevents you from sending back the book you have borrowed, please email Customer Service at kundenservicetibeu.

How else can I get hold of items via TIB?
As a registered TIB-Portal customer, you can obtain the digital documents you need via individual article sale. After completing the ordering process, a digital version of the document will be made available to you directly. You also have the option of directly accessing our free open access resources.

If you have any questions concerning the services provided by TIB Document Delivery, please call our Customer Service on +49 511 762 8989 or email them at kundenservicetibeu.

Take care of yourself!