TIB offers support for fugitives from Ukraine

Grants and shelter as visiting researchers for Ukrainian academics and librarians

TIB shows solidarity with Ukraine and offers help to researchers and librarians from Ukraine. Ukrainian academics and members of the library community receive shelter at TIB as visiting researchers, among other things in the form of various grants: for students, Bachelor's graduates, research assistants, PhD candidates, as well as research grants for people with a PhD or equivalent degree.

TIB's offers for Ukrainian academics and librarians have already been used and the first fugitives have arrived safely in Hannover or are currently on their way to Germany. TIB not only supports them with grants, but also helps them find accommodation and take care of the necessary formalities on site.

In addition, TIB is working together with Leibniz Universität Hannover and the Leibniz Association on further offers of support. Further offers for fugitives from Ukraine are available from Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Scientists and librarians from Ukraine who need TIB's support can contact TIB at kommunikation@tib.eu.