Trade journal wt Werkstattstechnik online switches to Gold Open Access – TIB signs consortial Open Access agreement

Readers will get fast and free access to current research results

All newly published peer-reviewed articles in the journal wt Werkstattstechnik online will be freely available via the VDI e-Library in the future – the journal is transforming from a subscription-based model to a pure Open Access publication starting with the issue 01/02-2023.

The “golden path” (Gold Open Access) allows public, fast access to the latest research results in the area of production engineering.

TIB agreement allows researchers from participating institutions to publish without cost

Under this model, publication fees are charged for the publication of articles. For this reason, the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology has concluded a three-year consortial Open Access agreement with VDI Fachmedien. University and college libraries as well as research institutions from Germany and Austria participate in the consortium. The agreement enables researchers from the participating institutions to publish free of charge in the renowned journal during the contract period from 2023 to 2025. In addition, access to the 22-year archive of wt Werkstattstechnik online via the VDI e-Library is included for consortium members.

”The formation of the consortium has been instrumental in converting wt Werkstattstechnik online into a Gold Open Access journal. It has achieved the aim of reliable and fair funding of publications through libraries and research institutions,” says Dr Irina Sens, Deputy Director of TIB.

As the oldest trade journal for production technology, wt Werkstattstechnik has been reporting on the latest research results from science, academia and industry for 112 years – for 22 years exclusively online. In addition to production technology, the main topics are manufacturing processes, machine tools/tools, digital factory, additive manufacturing, automation, factory planning, C-technologies, and quality management. The publisher of wt Werkstattstechnik online is the VDI Association of German Engineers.

The scientific leader of the journal’s advisory board, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl (University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer IPA), is convinced of the journal's transformation to Open Access: “Through it, we are also giving international research groups free access to the latest research results in production engineering.” Ken Fouhy, Managing Director of VDI Fachmedien, adds: “The example shows that Open Access is also an interesting business model for specialist publishers, especially for titles with a strong research track record.”