#vBIB21: Programme is online

Interesting and diverse lecture programme with topics on digital communities

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The second edition of #vBIB will start on 1 and 2 December 2021. This time, the virtual conference is all about “Digital Communities”. The lecture programme is now online: This year's #vBIB21 will once again offer an extensive and varied programme – with plenty of opportunity for exchange with other participants. Participation is also free of charge this year and registration is not required.

The programme: a small excerpt

In his lecture on 1 December 2021, R. David Lankes, Professor of Librarianship at the University of Texas, will talk about “New Librarianship and Our Better Angels”. As a passionate advocate of librarians, he addresses their role in today's society and shows how their tasks have changed in recent years and how they will continue to change in the future. In addition, the first day of #vBIB21 will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) as a challenge for law and ethics, as well as with causes and approaches to solutions in the case of unacceptable discrimination by AI systems.

On 2 December 2021, the programme includes a session with copyright and freedom of communication expert and former European Parliament member Julia Reda, in which she will discuss the framework conditions for action in digital communities. Also on that day, Alexander Möller from Wikimedia will speak about the diversity of worldwide global communities at Wikimedia.

The Speakers Corner and Tech Corner formats

In addition to the lectures, the programme consists equally of two interactive formats: the Speakers Corner and the Tech Corner.

The Speakers Corner is deliberately kept thematically free and offers plenty of space and opportunities for short presentations, concept ideas, theses, questions and answers, discussions and much more on the topic of digital communities!

The Tech Corner is all about web services, tools, software and mock-ups for participating in communities and supporting community building and management. Whether concrete projects or prototypes, whether as developer or user!

To the presentation programme: https://www.vbib.net/vbib21-programm