What if we were to explain TIB topics in a short and clear way?

From scholarly communication to data treasures, digital preservation of species and personalised medicine to Open Access

More than a library – that's what the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology in Hannover is about. As a member of the Leibniz Association, research at the TIB is of key relevance. But topics like data science, visual analytics or scientific data management are not self-explaining. This is why the TIB is now offering insights into its wide range of activities and projects under the motto "What if ...?”.

The TIB shows clearly and in a nutshell how it intends to use knowledge graphs to link knowledge and make it more easily accessible. How Big Data can be used to provide medical therapies and medicines individually adapted to patients. And how artificial intelligence can identify the place where photos are taken.

But these are by far not all the questions that the TIB answers in "What if ...". It also makes it clear why research data are so valuable, how it wants to make scientific results freely available to everyone, how a textbook can be written collectively in just a few days or what species preservation for digital data looks like.

WHAT, IF ...?

Special thanks to our Finnish colleagues* from Aalto University - for their outstanding communication work, their support, sharing and inspiration!