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Welfengarten behind main university building becomes a busy boulevard

Social data, sensory data and process data – the workshop participants worked out how data can be described

TIB is offering two apprenticeships for media and information services specialists (FaMI) – starting in August 2024

TIB Director Prof. Dr. Sören Auer presented the Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG), which aims to improve the worldwide exchange of knowledge

How can students use chatbots like ChatGPT for scientific research and how can TIB provide them with the necessary competence?

TIB has been operating a consortial office for many years – time to give an insight into the consortial business at TIB

Background “Smart City & Verwaltung” – an article by Lambert Heller in the “Tagesspiegel“

A very special meeting with time for intensive exchange: Conference welcomes 3,500 participants

Well informed at webinars, guided tours and various workshops around the library and reference management

TIB contributes to the digital preservation community effort by translating the iPres keynotes into German