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Deceptive, misleading, dubious quality or high quality? Which criteria help in the process of evaluating publishers, journals and conferences?

Institutions can participate in collaborative OA funding until 1 July 2023

Well informed at webinars, guided tours and various workshops around the library and reference management

TIB contributes to the digital preservation community effort by translating the iPres keynotes into German

From fantasy stories to thrillers and short stories to novels – a successful evening in the programme of BiblioCon 2023

An interview about artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, knowledge graphs, and answering questions about scholarly knowledge

”Meet, Share, Inspire, Care!” – this is the motto for a colourful mix of current topics and formats on open science

A new website on untrustworthy scientific journals, known as ”predatory journals”, is is unsettling. What are we to make of this?

For the National Education Platform she talks about the TOERN2 project, which helps to find, create and use OER

The virtual dialogue platform and channels on Mastodon and Twitter are online and inform about developments in the PID landscape