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we would briefly and clearly explain the TIB's diverse range of topics?

Launch of projects to accelerate the Open Access transformation

Agreement on attractive discounts on publication fees for articles and conference proceedings between TIB and EDP extended

Stifterverband Science Award goes to computer scientist Maria-Esther Vidal

Research project funded: Leibniz Universität Hannover and TIB evaluate historical scientific articles on species occurrence

From scholarly communication to data treasures, digital preservation of species and personalised medicine to Open Access

Highest award from the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) for a substantial and outstanding contribution to safeguarding the digital heritage

German Library Association (dbv) and Deutsche Telekom Stiftung present awards to TIB in Hannover and to Gotha City Library project launches Open-Access-Forum during Open-Access-Tage 2020

Funding secured: collaborative project between the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation and TIB on places of Gestapo terror in present-day Lower Saxony