Architecture database DETAIL inspiration: DFG approves TIB application for alliance licence

TIB successfully negotiates licence for architecture database DETAIL inspiration – 29 participants already benefit from the 25 percent DFG grant

Thanks to intensive negotiations between the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and the Institute for International Architectural Documentation and a successful application for funding with the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the next three years, broad access to relevant specialist information in the field of architecture is assured. Since January 2018, 29 university libraries have been using the opportunity to licence the architecture database DETAIL inspiration at favourable conditions. The consortium members benefit from the DFG's funding of the alliance licence, which covers 25 percent of the ongoing licence fees of the participating institutions.

The database contains more than 5,600 project documentations of building objects of the renowned architecture journal DETAIL published since 1961. Using appropriate search and filter options such as building type, construction, material and year of construction, users can search for examples of special building solutions in a targeted and problem-oriented manner. Project descriptions with reference photos, drawings and technical data are available as downloads. True to scale construction plans facilitate the adoption and application of existing building solutions to one’s own designs. As a source of research and inspiration, the database is an important work aid for architectural design work, also in the context of architectural theory.

Free access for scientific institutions and interested individuals

In order to make the database contents accessible to an even larger circle of users, TIB has agreed with the publisher on a so-called moving wall: After expiry of the one-year embargo period, the TIB will host the respective content itself and make it available to all authorized institutions or users throughout Germany under a national licence via the TIB-Portal. “In this way, the TIB provides access to the up-to-date and high-quality documentation of construction projects published during the licence period for the entire specialist community", explains Dr. Irina Sens, Deputy Director of the TIB and Head of Library Operations.

For more information on participating in the alliance licence, contact Team Lizenzservice by phone on +49 511 762-8030 or by email at anmeldung.nationallizenzentibeu.