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Acting in the capacity of the German National Library of Science and Technology, as well as architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics, the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library provides academia, research and business with literature and information. Its remit is to preserve recorded knowledge and to provide the latest information, both now and in the future, irrespective of the time and the place. TIB is actively engaged in promoting Open Access and thus supports unrestricted, free access to scientific information. In its capacity as a University Library, TIB ensures that all faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover are supplied with information.

TIB is continuously expanding its role as a German information centre for the digitisation of science and technology. As a research library, it conducts applied research and development in order to generate new services and optimise existing ones. Its key areas of research are in the fields of Data Science & Digital Libraries, non-textual material, Open Knowledge, Open Science and Visual Analytics.

TIB provides scientific content and digital services to specialist and research communities at www.tib.eu, supporting the different stages of scientific work. The library’s search and order portal offers users access to its outstanding collections of fundamental and highly specialised information on science and technology. These collections also include knowledge objects such as 3D models, research data and audiovisual media. TIB’s AV-Portal can be used to search for specific content from scientific videos from the fields of science and technology. By allocating DOI names (Digital Object Identifiers) and ensuring they can be detected and accessed, TIB safeguards the quality, long-term availability and referenceability of research data, which plays an important role in the research process.

TIB is a public-law foundation of the Federal State of Lower Saxony. The library is a member of the Leibniz Association.

TIB’s key activities are laid down in its Strategy 2018-2022 (PDF), and can be described as follows:

Preserve knowledge and facilitate access

TIB makes its outstanding collections of specialist and research information on science and technology available to users as openly and simply as possible via user-oriented portals, protecting them for future generations.

Engage in research

TIB conducts applied research and development to optimise the services it offers in order to generate new services and optimise existing ones .

In line with its Open Access Policy, TIB helps its employees to publish their research results and articles Open Access.

Strengthen cooperation with higher education institutions

TIB cooperates closely with Leibniz Universität Hannover, not only in its role as a University Library, ensuring that all faculties are supplied with literature, but also when it comes to joint professorships and cooperative activities.

Make TIB’s structures even more viable for the future

Well positioned for the future – by developing customer-oriented products to meet the needs of TIB’s target groups, by strategically developing staff and the organisation, by positioning itself as an attractive employer and by securing adequate funding.

Increase national, European and international cooperation

Strategic alliances, global networking and active membership of numerous associations are essential requirements for knowledge transfer between research, society and policy.