Knowledge and technology transfer

As an institution of the Leibniz Association, we understand knowledge and technology transfer to mean communicating our knowledge to science, industry, politics and society. In this context, we place great emphasis on consultation, mediation and application. We offer opportunities for networking and international exchange through various formats. We bring science, society, politics and business into conversation with each other, thus contributing to the knowledge-based development of society.

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In dialogue with society, we highlight the role of research libraries in the digital transformation of science and society. We provide a vivid illustration of the issues that concern us by actively maintaining media relations, directly involving the public in our citizen science projects, and presenting our research activities in public exhibitions and dialogues.

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TIB hosts many international conferences, specialist forums and workshops, providing opportunities for networking and information sharing within the scientific community. In addition, TIB staff give scientific presentations across the world to share their findings.

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Media and outreach

Would you like to learn more about open access to knowledge, what tomorrow’s open science might look like, or what AI has to do with libraries? By initiating new projects and services, explaining research topics in a readily understandable manner, and hosting interesting cultural events, we provide media representatives, opinion leaders and other interested parties with information and help them to understand the latest developments.

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Library community

TIB uses its leading role in the library community to actively support the digital transformation of the information infrastructure. Our initiation and development of open digital formats creates platforms for discourse with other stakeholders in society.

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TIB contributes its expertise to committees and working groups and provides advice to policy-makers on issues such as open science, knowledge graphs, the online education system, and AI. It actively supports the goals of Germany’s federal and state governments within the framework of the Pact for Research & Innovation, as well as initiatives such as the Excellence Strategy and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI).

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Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

Business and industry

TIB and the L3S research center combine their wide range of research and technology competencies in the areas of big data analytics, machine learning and semantic data networking that are central to digitization. Various formats are used to sustainably strengthen collaboration between research and industry for successful digitization in the Hannover Region and beyond.

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... we would briefly and clearly explain the TIB's diverse range of topics?

We launched a new format in 2021 that does just that.

Services and consulting offered by the TIB

We provide the following scientific or technical services to third parties for a fee, based on our own knowledge or using our own infrastructure.

With its recording service, the TIB offers a comprehensive package from recording and live streaming to publication in accordance with scientific standards in the AV portal or on a platform of your choice. This service is aimed at conference organizers from science and industry who would like to have their conferences recorded and make them available for the community. We also support scientific institutions and researchers in making their work accessible to a wider audience. In addition to conference recordings, we produce Infoclips and Video Abstracts.

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The TIB offers various service components in the context of digital long-term archiving, depending on the source material, which take into account the licensing, organisational and technical requirements for the materials. We give you Advice and support on all data structuring issues and on Creation of a uniform data schema also for further use in own systems. With the Digital Preservation-as-a-Service we offer a Full-service for all those who cannot or do not want to carry out long-term archiving themselves

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VIVO is an open source software and ontology for representing science. We support you in implementing this Linked Data-based research information system at your institution, including mapping data to the VIVO ontology and the VIVO core dataset research extension, developing local ontologies for research information, and integrating controlled vocabularies. Test deployment of current VIVO systems can take place on TIB's own systems or on third-party systems.

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Book Sprints are a method of agile knowledge generation and knowledge transfer. The TIB –has several years of experience with the successful implementation and support of Book Sprints. We can help with the systematic conversion of individual expert knowledge into structured knowledge – in the form of digital or printed manuals, documentations or teaching/learning materials.

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Knowledge and technology transfer in the Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association supports the activities of its institutions – through its Start-Up Advisory Service, the Leibniz Transfer funding programme within the Leibniz Competition, instruments for strategic networking, the Leibniz Research Alliances and Leibniz ScienceCampi, and a range of discourse formats.

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Knowledge and technology transfer at Leibniz University Hannover

uni transfer supports the cooperation between university and industry in the domains of knowledge and technology transfer and is the contact point for companies and scientists.

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