Experience and communicate knowledge and science audiovisually

Scientific films – such as videos of research experiments, computer animations, video abstracts or conference recordings - are an important part of academic communication today. They often allow us to understand complex phenomena better and faster and help to foster an open discussion of research. As TIB, we support (audiovisual) science communication with our various services: from the production to the publication of scientific videos.

The TIB AV-Portal ...

... is the heart of our services for scientific films. We offer:

  • an open, free and non-commercial platform for using and sharing scientific videos as well as training and educational videos
  • reputable hosting of the videos in the repository under conditions of digital preservation
  • legally compliant publishing practice and licence management according to Open Access principles
  • standardised, open and unrestrictedly reusable metadata

to the TIB AV-Portal

Research and publication of scientific videos

The TIB AV-Portal is the central place to discover exclusively science videos on a large scale, to search specifically for topics and to publish quality-checked videos yourself.

The TIB AV-Portal currently contains over 35,000 scientific videos with a wide variety of content.

The subject focus of the TIB AV-Portal is on science and technology, but the platform is open to all disciplines.

With our regularly changing recommendations on specific topics and events, we invite you to get to know the video variety of the TIB AV-Portal.

All users registered in the TIB AV-Portal can provide materials that are of scientific relevance and fall within the TIB collection profile.

Individual profile pages for editors are a showcase for their own videos.

We offer media partnerships to interested, chosen editors for a systematic and prominent publication and curation of their videos

Consultation and information on the TIB AV-Portal

Special features

The key features for the research, reception and publication of academic films include

  • extensive search functions and filtering of search results
  • innovative and effective content retrieval using automatic video analysis and semantic indexing
  • intuitive and high-performance media player
  • permanent citation and accessibility via persistent identifiers such as DOI / MFID, ORCID, ROR, EIDR
  • linking to additional materials for example via DOI
  • differentiated, flexible use of watch list functions
  • embedding of videos on your own websites

Individual advice

Whatever you are interested in - research, re-use, publication or production - as part of the TIBgefragt service, we regularly provide individual advice on all aspects of academic films and the TIB AV-Portal.

Information on the TIB AV-Portal

In our TIB blog, we regularly publish updates on the development of the AV-Portal and introduce new functions and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ we answer (almost) all questions about the TIB AV-Portal.

A special film collection - the legacy of the IWF

Since 2012, TIB is the owner of the unique film heritage of the former IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH (until 2001 Institute for Scientific Film) and makes this valuable media collection available in the TIB AV-Portal as far as possible.

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IWF Media collections

More than 4,500 IWF films are searchable in the TIB AV-Portal, and more than 3,000 films (as of 01/2022) are directly accessible online. In the course of ongoing rights clearance, further films will be successively added.

IWF special collections

Certain special collections, for example from ethnology and medicine, are only accessible online to a limited extent or offline for legal and ethical reasons.

More information on the IWF film heritage

In various articles on the TIB blog, we tell the story of the IWF, of individual films or film collections, and of the authors.

The TIB conference recording service ConRec and scientific video production

The scientific community depends on the exchange, communication and dissemination of scientific results, ideas and projects. This happens not least at conferences, meetings, symposia and workshops, without which the scientific landscape would be unthinkable. With the individual conference recording service ConRec, TIB offers a comprehensive portfolio from recording to livestreaming to publishing according to scientific standards in the TIB AV-Portal or on a platform of your choice.

We also think science in video format beyond conference recordings. We also produce infoclips and video abstracts, among other things.

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TIB Scientific Event Services

The fee-based ConRec service is embedded in TIB's unique service portfolio for all aspects of scientific events.

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By the way: More than two-thirds of the videos in the TIB AV-Portal are conference recordings with presentations of current scientific results.

Research and development around AV media

We want to improve the retrieval, searching and citation of research data, graphics, Open Educational Resources (OER) and especially videos. That's why we develop and operate innovative infrastructures, tools and services in the Non-Textual Materials (NTM) Lab, which was founded in 2012: In addition to the ongoing further development of the TIB AV-Portal, these primarily include innovative audio visual analysis tools as well as digitisation and long-term archiving processes - always in close cooperation with the TIB Visual Analytics Research Group. In this way, research results flow directly into practice - and not least into effective video research.

A selection of projects

TIB AV-Analytics

Extending of the TIB AV-Portal to include an analysis platform for needs from media science

VIVA - Visual Information Retrieval in Video Archives

Supporting effective research in film and television archives through the development of innovative video mining software

AV media for FID BAUdigital

Operate and maintain a subject-specific instance of the AV-Portal for civil engineering, architecture and urban studies

Europeana XX Century of Change

Editing and curating audiovisual content with a focus on technology and natural science for multimedia collections on the history of the 20th century in change

More on the topic of videos in science and education

Types – Benefits – Concepts – Production – Publication

Discover a small compilation of lectures and more with many suggestions for science communication by using videos.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

With the OER portal twillo, we operate a sustainable platform for publishing and sharing open educational resources, including videos, of course.

Videos in science communication

The platform Wissenschaftskommunikation.de contains many contributions and tips on the topic of audio-visual knowledge transfer.

Videos and audios in teaching

The Centre for Quality Enhancement in Teaching and Learning (ZQS) at Leibniz Universität Hannover offers a range of tools and tutorials for recording audio contributions and for creating, editing and publishing videos.