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Selective reflection by atomic vapor: experiments and self-consistent theory
Badalyan, A. / Chaltykyan, V. / Grigoryan, G. et al. | 2006
Stark broadening and shift measurements of two doubly excited NI multiplets
Bartecka, A. / Bac#322awski, A. / Wujec, T. et al. | 2006
Relativistic coupled cluster method
Nayak, Malaya K. / Chaudhuri, Rajat K. | 2006
Average fluorescence yields of M4,5 subshells for thorium and uranium
T#305ra#351o#287lu, E. | 2006
Experimental oscillator strengths of Zn II lines of astrophysical interest
Mayo, R. / Ortiz, M. / Campos, J. | 2006
Theoretical investigations on the Stark-Zeeman effect of the 2p Formula Not Shown P3/2-level in 6Li for perpendicularly crossed fields
Rößl, E. / Schnizer, B. / Musso, M. | 2006
Theoretical investigations on the Stark-Zeeman effect of the 2pInlineEquation ID="Equ1"> ImageObject FileRef="100532005Article287TeX2GIFEqu1.gif"Format="GI "Color="BlackWhite" Type="Linedraw" Rendition="HTML"-> EquationSource Format="TEX">! CDATA{} {\mathsf 2}> P3-2-level in 6Li for perpendicularly crossed fields
Rössl, E. / Schnizer, B. / Musso, M. | 2006
Relativistic correlation correction to the binding energies oftheground configuration of beryllium-like, neon-like, magnesium-like and argon-like ions
Santos, J.P. / Rodrigues, G.C. / Marques, J.P. et al. | 2006
Study of Mn laser ablation in methane atmosphere
Krstulovi#263, N. / Labazan, I. / Milo#353evi#263, S. | 2006
Hydrogen bonds: relation between lengths and electron densities at bond critical points
Tang, T.-H. / Deretey, E. / Knak Jensen, S.J. et al. | 2006
An apparatus for studying momentum-resolved electron-impact dissociative and non-dissociative ionisation
Sharma, V. / Bapat, B. | 2006
Effect of electron flux on electronic-excitation-induced phase separation in GaSb nanoparticles
Yasuda, H. / Tanaka, A. / Usui, H. et al. | 2006
Facile formation of bare silver clusters in electrospray ionization multi-stage mass spectrometry
Tabarin, T. / Antoine, R. / Broyer, M. et al. | 2006
The dynamics of ring dark soliton in inhomogeneous Bose-Einstein condensates
Xue, J.-K. | 2006
The properties of borderlines in discontinuous conservative systems
Wang, X.-M. / Fang, Z.-J. | 2006
Frequency conversion in laser-produced boron plasma using longitudinal pump scheme
Ganeev, R.A. / Suzuki, M. / Baba, M. et al. | 2006
Generation of two-flavor vortex atom laser from a five-state medium
Liu, X.-J. / Jing, H. / Liu, X. et al. | 2006
Distributed entanglement in the two-photon two-mode non-linear process
Wang, C.-Z. / Li, C.-X. / Guo, G.-C. | 2006
Simulation of generators of Markovian dynamics on programmable quantum processors
Koniorczyk, M. / Bu#382ek, V. / Adam, P. | 2006
Continuous variable encoding by ponderomotive interaction
Pirandola, S. / Mancini, S. / Vitali, D. et al. | 2006
Local detection of entanglement
Rigolin, G. / Escobar, C.O. | 2006
First operation of a free-electron laser generating GW power radiation at 32nm wavelength
Ayvazyan, V. / Baboi, N. / Bähr, J. et al. | 2006
Negligible carrier envelope phase dependence of total single and double ionization yields of xenon
O'Keeffe, K. / Lezius, M. | 2006