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Photodetachment of H- in parallel electric and magnetic fields near an elastic surface
Wang, Dehua | 2007
Accumulation of chromium metastable atoms into an optical trap
Chicireanu, R. / Beaufils, Q. / Pouderous, A. et al. | 2007
Metastable states, the adiabatic theorem and parity violating geometric phases I
Bergmann, T. / Gasenzer, T. / Nachtmann, O. | 2007
Metastable states, the adiabatic theorem and parity violating geometric phases II
Bergmann, T. / Gasenzer, T. / Nachtmann, O. | 2007
Coherent control of ballistic energy growth for a kicked Bose-Einstein condensate
Sadgrove, M. / Horikoshi, M. / Sekimura, T. et al. | 2007
Lifetime vibrational interference during the NO 1s-1π* resonant excitation studied by the NO+(A 1Π → X 1Σ+) fluorescence
Ehresmann, A. / Kielich, W. / Werner, L. et al. | 2007
The hydrogenated aluminium trimer: a theoretical examination of the formation and interconversion pathways
Moc, J. | 2007
Geometric shielding corrections for total cross section calculations of electron scattering by CH4, C2H6, C2H3F3, C2H4, C2F4, C2Cl4 and C2Cl2F2 from 30–5000 eV
Shi, D. H. / Sun, J. F. / Zhu, Z. L. et al. | 2007
Cold hydrogen-hydrogen scattering using CCA model
Chakraborty, Sumana / Sen, A. / Ghosh, A. S. | 2007
Rotational cooling efficiency upon molecular ionization: the case of Li2(a3Σu +) and Li2 +(X2Σg +) interacting with 4He
Wernli, M. / Bodo, E. / Gianturco, F. A. | 2007
Charge transfer in keV proton collision with atomic oxygen: Differential and total cross sections
Pandey, M. K. / Dubey, R. K. / Tripathi, D. N. | 2007
Dissociation channels of silver bromide cluster Ag2Br, silver cluster Ag3 and their ions studied by using alkali metal target
Nagao, H. / Awazu, K. / Hayakawa, S. et al. | 2007
First-principles study of structural evolution of medium-sized SiN clusters (41 N 50) within stuffed fullerene cages
Wang, J. / Zhao, J. / Ma, L. et al. | 2007
Direct observation of the non-supported metal nanoparticle electron density of states by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Tchaplyguine, M. / Peredkov, S. / Rosso, A. et al. | 2007
Combined experimental and theoretical study of small aluminum oxygen clusters
Neukermans, S. / Veldeman, N. / Janssens, E. et al. | 2007
Monte Carlo simulations of electron dynamics in N2/CO2 mixtures
Janda, M. / Martišovitš, V. / Morvová, M. et al. | 2007
Induced explode-decay dromions in the (2 + 1) dimensional nonisospectral nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equation
Radha, R. | 2007
A new anti-reflection surface structure for photonic crystal slab lens
Zhang, B. / Li, M. Y. | 2007
The S-FFT calculation of Collins formula and its application in digital holography
Li, J. C. / Zhu, J. / Peng, Z. J. | 2007
Controllability of multiple qubit systems
Zhang, M. / Dai, H. Y. / Xie, H. W. et al. | 2007
Performance of equal phase-shift search for one iteration
Li, D. / Chen, J. P. / Li, X. et al. | 2007
Lateral shift dependence of spontaneous emission in a planar cavity with perfect conducting cladding
Tan, R. / Li, G.-X. / Yang, Y.-P. | 2007
Generalized quantum telecloning
Gordon, G. / Rigolin, G. | 2007
Hahn echo and criticality in spin-chain systems
Yi, X. X. / Wang, H. / Wang, W. | 2007
Enhancement and generation of sum squeezing in two-mode light in mixing with coherent light using a beam splitter
Prakash, H. / Mishra, D. K. | 2007
Non-equilibrium electron and phonon dynamics in metals under femtosecond laser pulses
Pietanza, L. D. / Colonna, G. / Longo, S. et al. | 2007
Scaling of betatron X-ray radiation
Rousse, A. / Ta Phuoc, K. / Shah, R. et al. | 2007