Revista mexicana de física

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The quantum master equation revisited
Caceres, M. O. / Budini, A. A. / Chattah, A. K. | 1999
Symmetry of the Kepler problem in classical mechanics
Del Castillo, G. F. T. | 1999
Dynamical contribution to isospin symmetry breaking and see saw mechanism in extended technicolor
Galeana, A. H. / Zepeda, A. | 1999
Hyperon non-leptonic decays, the �cap deltaI� = 1/2 rule, and a priori mixed hadrons
Garcia, A. / Huerta, R. / Sanchez-Colon, G. | 1999
Measurement of the nu~tau magnetic moment at CERN LEP in a left-right symmetric model
Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A. / Hernandez, M. A. / Rosado, A. et al. | 1999
Propagation of waves in a cylindrical liquid crystal optical fiber
Rodriguez, R. F. / Reyes, J. A. | 1999
Scanning laser acoustic microscopy using derivative quadrature detection
Cywiak, M. / Solano, C. / Wade, G. | 1999
Structure of a hard sphere fluid in ultrathin films between corrugated walls. A grand canonical Monte Carlo study
Zentella-Dehesa, A. / Pizio, O. / Sokolowski, S. | 1999
Local density of states of II-VI ternary alloys in bulk and surfaces: an application to ZnSe~1~-~xTe~x
Olguin, D. | 1999
The surface aggregation pattern of unbound LDL receptors induced by radially convective diffusion and restricted uniform reinsertion in sites near coated pits: Formal analysis and applications
Echavarria, H. H. / Solana, E. A. / Leal, C. R. | 1999
La asimetria materia-antimateria en el universo y los rayos cosmicos de alta energia
Masperi, L. | 1999
Algunas tecnicas experimentales utiles en el estudio de la cavitacion
Dominguez Cortazar, M. A. | 1999
A comparison between spectral and fractal methods in electrotelluric time series
De la Torre, F. C. / Ramirez-Rojas, A. / Pavia-Miller, C. G. et al. | 1999
Noether's theorem and the "extended", conservative approach to time driven systems
Giordano, C. M. / Plastino, A. R. / Plastino, A. | 1999
Termodinamica: una formulacion lagrangiana
Palacios, A. F. | 1999
Superficies astericas aplicadas a la optica
Camacho, A. A. P. / Solano, C. | 1999
The ponderomotive force of a high frequency field acting on an isotropic plasma
Gutierrez-Tapia, C. | 1999