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Fine-structure energy levels, oscillator strengths and lifetimes in Co XV
Gupta, G. P. / Msezane, A. Z. | 2008
Scattering effect of atoms through a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical Lattice with a single defect
Zhang, C. X. / Zhou, B. / Nie, Y. H. et al. | 2008
Electron impact ionization of helium isoelectronic systems
Talukder, M. R. | 2008
Excitation-autoionization cross sections and rate coefficients for Ga-like ions
Mandelbaum, P. / Schwob, J. L. | 2008
Calculation of radiative transition probabilities and radiative recombination rate coefficients for H2, OH, H 2 + and OH+ molecules
Riahi, R. / Teulet, P. / Cressault, Y. et al. | 2008
Electron-electron bremsstrahlung for bound target electrons
Hauga, E. | 2008
Optical characterization and manipulation of alkali metal nanoparticles in porous silica
Burchianti, A. / Bogi, A. / Marinelli, C. et al. | 2008
Effect of electron inertia on large amplitude solitary waves in presence of kinematic viscosity in dusty plasma
Sen, B. / Das, B. / Chatterjee, P. | 2008
Ion acoustic solitary waves with adiabatic ions in magnetized electron-positron-ion plasmas
Mahmood, S. / Akhtar, N. | 2008
One-dimensional phase transitions in a two-dimensional optical lattice
Rehn, M. / Bergkvist, S. / Rosengren, A. et al. | 2008
Expansion dynamics of an array of high density Bose-Einstein condensates produced in a 1D CO2 laser optical lattice
Roy, Sanjukta / Chaudhuri, Saptarishi / Unnikrishnan, C. S. | 2008
Fractal model of the atom and some properties of the matter through an extended model of scale relativity
Agop, M. / Nica, P. E. / Ioannou, P. D. et al. | 2008
The Maxwell-Lodge effect: Significance of electromagnetic potentials in the classical theory
Rousseaux, G. / Kofman, R. / Minazzoli, O. | 2008
Exact results on decoherence and entanglement in a system of N driven atoms and a dissipative cavity mode
Bina, M. / Casagrande, F. / Lulli, A. | 2008
Symplectic transformations and entanglement in multipartite finite systems
Wang, L. / Al Hadhrami, H. / Vourdas, A. | 2008
Bounds on bipartitely shared entanglement reduced from superposed tripartite quantum states
Yu, C. S. / Yi, X. X. / Song, H. S. | 2008