Revista mexicana de física

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Neutron spectra re-binning and dose calculation using Monte Carlo methods
Vega-Carrillo, H. R. / Acuna, E. M. / Rodriguez, J. M. O. et al. | 2007
Monte Carlo study to measure the neutron flux using the prompt gamma-rays in hydrogen
Vega-Carrillo, H. R. / Manzanares-Acuna, E. / Hernandez-Davila, V. M. et al. | 2007
Identification of Laser-induced Lamb waves
Castro-Colin, M. / Lopez, J. A. / Osegueda, R. | 2007
Characterization of source rocks and groundwater radioactivity at the Chihuahua valley
Villalobos, M. R. / Cabrera, M. E. M. / Cortes, M. R. et al. | 2007
Radioactive mineral samples from the northwest of Chihuahua City, Mexico
Reyes-Cortes, M. / Montero-Cabrera, M. E. / Renteria-Villalobos, M. et al. | 2007
X-ray production induced by heavy ion impact: challenges and possible uses
Miranda, J. / de Lucio, O. G. / Lugo-Licona, M. F. | 2007
Environmental applications of PIXE at the Institute of Physics, UNAM
Solis, C. / Mireles, A. / Andrade, E. et al. | 2007
Study of the electronic structure of transition metal compounds by absorption and emission of X-rays
Jimenez-Mier, J. / Herrera-Perez, G. / Olalde-Velasco, P. et al. | 2007
PIXE analysis of the obsidian support of two paintings from the Louvre by Murillo
Calligaro, T. / Chiappero, P.-J. / Gendron, F. et al. | 2007
Initial results of the mexican participation in the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Project
Belmont-Moreno, E. / Menchaca-Rocha, A. / Sandoval, A. et al. | 2007
Applications of the atomic force microscopy to nuclear track methodology
Vazquez-Lopez, C. / Fragoso, R. / Golzarri, J. I. et al. | 2007
Autoradiography of geological fluorite samples for determination of uranium and thorium distribution using nuclear track methodology
Pi, T. / Sole, J. / Golzarri, J. I. et al. | 2007
Nuclear track methodology for the analysis of isotropic components in a plasma focus neutron yield
Castillo, F. / Herrera, J. J. E. / Rangel, J. et al. | 2007
Ion beam analysis of CH/Si layers deposited by ECR-CVD
Hernandez, J. A. M. / Murillo, G. / Policroniades, R. et al. | 2007
Development of low-energy X-ray spectrometry at the Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel
Lepy, M. C. / Plagnard, J. | 2007
Use of the associated particle technique for the measurement of neutron cross section sat small angles
Policroniades, R. / Varela, A. / Murillo, G. et al. | 2007
XANES and EXAFS study of the TiN Thin films grown by the pulsed DC sputtering technique assisted by balanced magnetron
Duarte-Moller, A. / Ponce, H. E. / Yocupicio, I. et al. | 2007
Secondary gamma-ray detection a powerful technique for low nuclear cross section studies
Chavez, E. / Barron, L. / Huerta, A. et al. | 2007
Temporal and spatial trends studied by lichen analysis: atmospheric deposition of trace elements in Mexico
Aspiazu, J. / Cervantes, L. / Ramirez, J. et al. | 2007
Radionuclides in the environment in the south of Spain, anthropogenic enhancements due to industry
Manjon, G. | 2007
Characterization of inorganic atmospheric particles in air quality program with SEM, TEM and XAS
Leal, R. R. / Ponce, H. E. / Moller, A. D. | 2007
A simplified rietveld code for quantitative phase analysis: development, test and application to uranium mineral So
Fuentes-Montero, L. / Torres, E. / Montero, M. E. et al. | 2007
Why ferroelectricity? synchrotron radiation and ab initio answers
Olivera, R. / Fuentes, M. E. / Espinosa, F. et al. | 2007
Effect of noise on the identification of digitized Bragg Curves
Vega, J. J. / Reynoso, R. | 2007
Fundamental physics with cold and ultracold neutrons
Alarcon, R. | 2007
Obtencion de una microestructura nueva en la aleacion Zn - 40%at. Al - 1.5%at. Cu
Aragon, J. A. / Miranda, J. R. / Garcia-Borquez, A. | 2007
Nonlinear element of a chaotic generator
Campos-Canton, E. / Murguia, J. S. / Canton, I. C. et al. | 2007
Improved bounds for the effective energy of nonlinear 3D conducting composites
Leon-Mecias, A. / Bravo-Castillero, J. / Mesejo-Chiong, A. et al. | 2007
Hybrid - block copolymer nanocomposites. characterization of nanostructure by small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS)
Romo-Uribe, A. | 2007
Analisis del comportamiento presion-temperatura y otras propiedades termodinamicas para los cristales liquidos PAA, 5CB y HOAOB utilizando el modelo convex peg y la teoria de los funcionales de la densidad en la transicion isotropa-nematico
Garcia-Sanchez, E. / Mendoza-Huizar, L. H. / Lozano, J. A. et al. | 2007
The binding energy of light excitons in spherical quantum dots under hydrostatic pressure
Moscoso-Moreno, C. A. / Franco, R. / Silva-Valencia, J. | 2007
Bimetallic Pd-Pt films prepared by MOCVD
Guerrero, R. M. / Palacios, E. G. / Garcia, J. R. V. et al. | 2007
On the Application of the numerical Laplace transform for accurate electromagnetic transient analysis
Zamorano, P. G. / Campos, F. A. U. | 2007
Effect of particle size and Mg content on the processing parameters of Al-Si-Mg/SiC~p composites processed by pressureless infiltration
Aguilar-Martinez, J. A. / Hernandez, M. B. / Castillo-Torres, J. et al. | 2007
Instrumentacion electronica de la funcion potencial tipo Sombrero Mexicano
Campos-Canton, I. / Campos-Canton, E. / Ortega, L. F. V. | 2007
Sound speed resolved by photoacoustic technique
Ruiz, S. J. P. / Iniesta, S. A. / Hernandez, P. R. et al. | 2007
A 540muT^-^1 silicon-based MAGFET
Davalos-Santana, M. A. / Sandoval-Ibarra, F. / Montoya-Suarez, E. | 2007
Power dissipation in a capacitive coupled 450 khz discharge set up for a CO~2 laser
de la Rosa, J. / Corredor, J. / Yalja, J. et al. | 2007