Revista mexicana de física

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Experimental study of a Q-switched ytterbium-doped double-clad fiber laser
Anzueto-Sanchez, G. / Martinez-Rios, A. / Torres-Gomez, I. et al. | 2008
Quantum bouncer with quadratic dissipation
Gonzalez, G. | 2008
Drag reduction by microbubble injection in a channel flow
del C. Gutierrez Torres, C. / Hassan, Y.A. / Bernal, J.A.J. et al. | 2008
An alternative deduction of relativistic transformations in thermodynamics
Lopez-Carrera, B. / Granados, V. / de Parga, G.A. | 2008
Effect of CaO on the microstructure and non-ohmic properties of (Co,Sb)-doped SnO~2 varistors
Aguilar-Martinez, J.A. / Duran-Regules, A. / Glot, A.B. et al. | 2008
On the spinodal decomposition of In~xGa~1~-~xN~yAs~1~-~y and GaSb~xN~yAs~1~-~x~-~y alloys
Albarran, S.F.D. / Elyukhin, V.A. / Peralta, P.R. et al. | 2008
Deviations from the universality of slepton masses in the MSSM
Gomez-Bock, M. | 2008
Diffraction of hermite-gaussian beams by Ronchi and aperiodic rulings
Ortiz-Acebedo, A. / Mata-Mendez, O. / Chavez-Rivas, F. | 2008
Structural properties of Pb(Mg~1~/~3Nb~2~/~3)~0~.~9~0Ti~0~.~1~0O~3 films deposited by pulsed laser ablation on titanium nitride substrates
Fundora, A. / Martinez, E. / Blanco, O. et al. | 2008
Hydrogen atom in a magnetic field: electromagnetic transitions of the lowest states
Vieyra, J.C.L. / Pilon, H.O. | 2008
Electronic structure for the series of Cu based chalcopyrites of the CuInM~2^V^I type
Tototzintle-Huitle, H. / Rodriguez, J.A. / Baquero, R. | 2008
Effects of potassium doping on the composition, structure and carbon dioxide chemisorption of Na~2ZrO~3
Sandoval-Diaz, A. / Pfeiffer, H. | 2008
Properties of the spectra of asymmetric molecules: matrix evaluation in bases of spherical harmonics and common generating function
Ley-Koo, E. / Mendez-Fragoso, R. | 2008
Aspectos dinamicos del movimiento lento del dedo indice
Peralta, J.A. / Lopez, P.R. / Lezama, R.D. et al. | 2008