Revista mexicana de física

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Electrical tuning of refraction in a two-dimensional photonic crystal infilled with a liquid crystal
Reyes-Avendano, J.A. / Halevi, P. | 2008
A parameterized family of single-double-triple-scroll chaotic oscillations
Campos-Canton, E. / Campos-Canton, I. / Salas, J.S.G. et al. | 2008
MBE-growth and characterization of In~rGa~1~-~xAs/GaAs (x=0.15) superlattice
Sarikavak, B. / Ozturk, M.K. / Altuntas, H. et al. | 2008
Modeling of coagulation and dispersion of aerosolsin the atmosphere
Celada, A.T. / Salcido, A. | 2008
Optimization of the gain in non-uniform gratings in a Bi~1~2SiO~2~0 crystal considering the variation of fringe period, optical activity and polarization angles in a strong non-linear regime
Gonzalez, G. / Zuniga, A. / Magana, L.F. | 2008
Neutron emission effects on final fragments mass and kinetic energy distribution from low energy fission of ^2^3^4U
Montoya, M. / Rojas, J. / Lobato, I. | 2008
Two step synthesis of TIBa~2Ca~2Cu~3O~x films on Ag substrates by spray pyrolysis of metal-acetylacetonates
Perez-Arrieta, L. / Aguilar-Frutis, M. / Rosas-Mendoza, J.L. et al. | 2008
SU(1,1) coherent states as Bessel-Gauss states
Hacyan, S. | 2008
Bound states of the hydrogen atom in parabolic coordinates
del Castillo, G.F.T. / Morales, E.N. | 2008
Lattices with variable and constant occupation density and q-exponential distribution
da Silva, P.C. / Corso, G. / da Silva, L.R. | 2008
Compositional analysis of aqueous solutions by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy
Villabona, J.P. / Cabanzo, R. / Mejia-Ospino, E. | 2008
Implementacion electronica de sistemas lineales en R^2
Campos-Canton, I. / Campos-Canton, E. / Tesheira, S. et al. | 2008