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“Exact solution of N-dimensional radial Schrödinger equation for the fourth-order inverse-power potential"
Calogero, F. | 2009
Quantum-mechanical effects in a linear time-dependent potential
Mousavi, S. V. | 2009
Electron momentum distribution and Compton profiles of europium
Varghese, T. / Balakrishna, K. M. | 2010
The 1,3D○ resonance states of positronium negative ion using exponential correlated wave functions
Kar, S. / Ho, Y. K. | 2010
Effects of screened Coulomb (Yukawa) and exponential-cosine-screened Coulomb potentials on photoionization of H and He+
Lin, C. Y. / Ho, Y. K. | 2010
Hydrogen spectroscopy with a Lamb-shift polarimeter
Westig, M. P. / Engels, R. / Grigoryev, K. et al. | 2010
Loading Stark-decelerated molecules into electrostatic quadrupole traps
Gilijamse, J. J. / Hoekstra, S. / Vanhaecke, N. et al. | 2010
Site equivalent all Apex 1 nm-particle of CdSe preferentially grown in solution
Noda, Y. / Maekawa, H. / Kasuya, A. | 2010
DFT and GEGA genetic algorithm optimized structures of Cun ν (ν=±1,0,2; n=3-13) clusters
Guzmán-Ramírez, G. / Aguilera-Granja, F. / Robles, J. | 2010
Theoretical study of bimetallic magnetic nanostructures: ConPdN-n, n=0,1,...N, N=3,5,7,13
Cantera-López, H. / Montejano-Carrizales, J. M. / Aguilera-Granja, F. et al. | 2010
The dynamics of ions entering the magnetized plasma sheath obliquely – collisional and collisionless situations
Masoudi, S. F. / Salehkoutahi, S. M. | 2010
On the application of the theory of Lorentzian plasma to calculation of transport properties of multicomponent arc plasmas
Porytsky, P. / Krivtsun, I. / Demchenko, V. et al. | 2010
Cold atom guidance by a holographically-generated Laguerre-Gaussian laser mode
Mestre, M. / Diry, F. / Viaris de Lesegno, B. et al. | 2010
Synchronization in non dissipative optical lattices
Hennequin, D. / Verkerk, P. | 2010
Spectroscopy of electron-induced fluorescence in organic liquid scintillators
Marrodán Undagoitia, T. / von Feilitzsch, F. / Oberauer, L. et al. | 2010
Collective excitation and photon entanglement in double- Formula Not Shown atomic ensemble
Liu, Z. J. / Yan, W. B. / Zhou, L. | 2010
Collective excitation and photon entanglement in double- $\sf \Lambda $ atomic ensemble
Liu, Z. J. / Yan, W. B. / Zhou, L. | 2010
Collective excitation and photon entanglement in double- atomic ensemble
Wang, L. C. / Shen, J. / Yi, X. X. | 2010
Quantum mechanics in phase space: first order comparison between the Wigner and the Fermi function
Benenti, G. / Strini, G. | 2010
Evolution of entanglement in the Heisenberg XY model: the Yangian algebra method
Tian, L. J. / Qin, L. G. | 2010
Non-equilibrium entanglement dynamics of a two-qubit Heisenberg XY system in the presence of an inhomogeneous magnetic field and spin-orbit interaction
Kheirandish, F. / Akhtarshenas, S. J. / Mohammadi, H. | 2010
Macroscopic Greenberg-Horne-Zeilinger state and W state in charge qubits based on Coulomb blockade
Liang, L. M. / Wang, X. B. | 2010
Effect of the relative phase between two-colour pump pulses on structure of harmonic spectra
Chen, G. / Chen, J. G. / Yang, Y. J. et al. | 2010