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Modulation-free pump-probe spectroscopy of strontium atoms
Javaux, C. / Hughes, I.G / Lochead, G. et al. | 2010
Energies and widths of atomic core-levels in liquid mercury
Maillard, Y.-P. / Dousse, J.-Cl. / Hoszowska, J. | 2010
The 1S+1S asymptote of Sr2 studied by Fourier-transform spectroscopy
Stein, A. / Knöckel, H. / Tiemann, E. | 2010
Total cross sections of electron scattering by molecules NF3, PF3, N(CH3)3, P(CH3)3, NH(CH3)2, PH(CH3)2, NH2CH3 and PH2CH3 at 30–5000 eV
Shi, D. H. / Sun, J. F. / Zhu, Z. L. et al. | 2010
Efficient solution of scattering equations by combination of R-matrix and Lanczos methods
Šulc, M. / Čurík, R. / Horáček, J. | 2010
Structures and electronic properties of stoichiometric hydrogenated aluminum clusters
Yao, C. H. / Zhao, S. F. / Li, J. R. et al. | 2010
Phase transition, formation and fragmentation of fullerenes
Hussien, A. / Yakubovich, A. V. / Solov’yov, A. V. et al. | 2010
Nanowire formation by coalescence of small gold clusters inside carbon nanotubes
Zhu, B. / Wang, Y. X. / Pan, Z. Y. et al. | 2010
Transport coefficients in thermal plasma. Applications to Mars and Titan atmospheres
André, P. / Aubreton, J. / Clain, S. et al. | 2010
Stability of a fully polarized ultracold Fermi gas near zero-crossing of a p-wave Feshbach resonance
Zinner, N. T. | 2010
Controlling the optical bistability via interacting dark-state resonances
Mahmoudi, M. / Mousavi, S. M. / Sahrai, M. | 2010
Fiber-laser-based clockwork for long-term measurements and comparisons of visible optical frequency standards
Bernard, J. E. / Dubé, P. / Madej, A. A. et al. | 2010
Ultrafast coherent population transfer driven by two few-cycle laser pulses
Yang, X. H. / Zhang, Z. H. / Wang, Z. et al. | 2010
Autocorrelation function of microcavity-emitting field in the non-linear regime
Eleuch, H. / Rachid, N. | 2010
Teleportation via a mixture of a two qubit subsystem of a N-qubit W and GHZ state
Chakrabarty, I. | 2010
Entanglement dynamics and decoherence of an atom coupled to a dissipative cavity field
Akhtarshenas, S. J. / Khezrian, M. | 2010
Geometric phase and quantum phase transition in the one-dimensional compass model
Wang, L. C. / Yi, X. X. | 2010
Asymmetric five-party quantum state sharing of an arbitrary m-qubit state
Shi, R. H. / Huang, L. S. / Yang, W. et al. | 2010
High-fidelity copies from a symmetric 1→2 quantum cloning machine
Siomau, M. / Fritzsche, S. | 2010
Erratum to: Electrons in a cryogenic planar Penning trap and experimental challenges for quantum processing
Bushev, P. / Stahl, S. / Natali, R. et al. | 2010