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Editorial on Dissipative Optical Solitons
Kuszelewicz, R. / Barbay, S. / Tissoni, G. et al. | 2010
Dissipative molecular solitons
Rosanov, N. N. / Fedorov, S. V. / Shatsev, A. N. et al. | 2010
Soliton lasers stabilized by coupling to a resonant linear system
Firth, W. J. / Paulau, P. V. | 2010
Coarsening and frozen faceted structures in the supercritical complex Swift-Hohenberg equation
Gelens, L. / Knobloch, E. | 2010
Effects of noise on excitable dissipative solitons
Jacobo, A. / Gomila, D. / Matías, M. A. et al. | 2010
Control and managing of localized states in two-dimensional systems with periodic forcing
Clerc, M. G. / Haudin, F. / Residori, S. et al. | 2010
Management of the electrical injection uniformity in broad-area top-emitting VCSELs
Camps, T. / Bardinal, V. / Havard, E. et al. | 2010
Spontaneous motion of localized structures and localized patterns induced by delayed feedback
Tlidi, M. / Vladimirov, A. G. / Turaev, D. et al. | 2010
Spontaneous motion of cavity solitons in vertical-cavity lasers subject to optical injection and to delayed feedback
Panajotov, K. / Tlidi, M. | 2010
Spontaneously moving solitons in a cavity soliton laser with circular section
Prati, F. / Tissoni, G. / Lugiato, L. A. et al. | 2010
Solitons pinned to hot spots
Tsang, C. H. / Malomed, B. A. / Lam, C. K. et al. | 2010
Control of cavity solitons and dynamical states in a monolithic vertical cavity laser with saturable absorber
Elsass, T. / Gauthron, K. / Beaudoin, G. et al. | 2010
Theoretical description of the transverse localised structures in a face to face VCSEL configuration
Columbo, L. / Gil, L. / Genevet, P. | 2010
Mutual coherence of laser solitons in coupled semiconductor resonators
Genevet, P. / Turconi, M. / Barland, S. et al. | 2010
Self-pulsing localized structures in a laser with saturable absorber
Columbo, L. / Prati, F. / Brambilla, M. et al. | 2010
Switching spatial dissipative solitons in a VCSEL with frequency selective feedback
Radwell, N. / McIntyre, C. / Scroggie, A. J. et al. | 2010
Boundary-induced localized structures in a nonlinear optical feedback experiment
Ayoub, M. / Papoff, F. / Oppo, G. L. et al. | 2010
Static and dynamic properties of cavity solitons in VCSELs with optical injection
Prati, F. / Tissoni, G. / McIntyre, C. et al. | 2010
Erratum to: Switching spatial dissipative solitons in a VCSEL with frequency selective feedback
Radwell, N. / McIntyre, C. / Scroggie, A. J. et al. | 2010