Revista mexicana de física

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A conjecture for the algorithmic decomposition of paths over an SU(3) ADE graph
Pineda, J. A. / Isasi, E. / Caicedo, M. I. | 2015
Time evolution of spinor perturbations in regular black holes
Piedra, O. P. Fernández / Castillo, J. Bernal / Nuñez, F. Sosa et al. | 2015
Phenomenological and microscopic model analysis of elastic scattering reactions of ^1^8O by ^2^4Mg, ^2^8Si, ^5^8Ni, ^6^4Zn, ^9^0Zr, ^1^2^0Sn, and ^2^0^8Pb target nuclei
Aygun, M. / Kocadag, O. / Sahin, Y. | 2015
A polynomial model of purely affine gravity
Castillo-Felisola, O. / Skirzewski, A. | 2015
SNOM characterization of a potential low cost thin gold coated micro-structured grating using a commercial CD substrate
Barrio, J. / Han, T. P. J. / Lamela, J. et al. | 2015
Refinement of magnetic domains in FeTbGe~2O~7
Rosales, I. / Thions-Renero, C. / Orozco, E. et al. | 2015
Raman scattering from Ge~1~-~xSn~x (x ≤ 0,14) alloys
Navarro-Contreras, H. / Rodríguez, A. G. / Vidal, M. A. et al. | 2015
MHD effects on natural convection laminar flow from a horizontal circular cylinder in presence of radiation
Javed, Tariq / Majeed, Abid / Mustafa, Irfan | 2015
Dynamics of the population grating formation in erbium-doped fibers
Hernández, E. Hernández / Martínez, L. Martínez / Stepanov, S. | 2015
Observation of Cosmic Ray at the top of the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico with the SciCRT prototype
Ortiz, E. / Valdés-Galicia, J. F. / Matsubara, Y. et al. | 2015
Supersymmetric features of the Error and Dawson's functions
Reyes, M. A. / Arcos-Olalla, R. | 2015