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  • molecular physics
  • molecules
  • molekularphysik

    Improved identification of the solution space of aerosol microphysical properties derived from the inversion of profiles of lidar optical data, part 3: Case studies

    Freier Zugriff
    Kolgotin, Alexei / Mueller, Detlef / Chemyakin, Eduard V. et al. | BASE | 2018
    Schlagwörter: Atomic and Molecular Physics

    Quantum Kerr oscillators' evolution in phase space : Wigner current, symmetries, shear suppression and special states

    Freier Zugriff
    Oliva, Maxime / Steuernagel, Ole | BASE | 2019
    Schlagwörter: Atomic and Molecular Physics

    Potential of correlative luminescence and electron microscopy for detection and location of individual molecules in cells

    Freier Zugriff
    Klepárník, K. (Karel) | BASE | 2014
    Schlagwörter: individual molecules

    Sub-Kelvin scanning tunneling microscopy on magnetic molecules

    Zhang, Lei | DataCite | 2012
    Schlagwörter: magnetic molecules

    On the computation of pKa values of organic and organometallic molecules in different solvents

    Rossini, Emanuele | DataCite | 2017
    Schlagwörter: organic molecules, organometallic molecules

    Precision spectroscopy with ultracold 87Rb2 triplet molecules

    Freier Zugriff
    Strauß, Christoph | DataCite | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Ultracold molecules, Molecules

    A Zeeman slower for diatomic molecules

    Petzold, M. / Kaebert, P. / Gersema, P. et al. | DataCite | 2018
    Schlagwörter: cold molecules, ultracold molecules, Cold molecules, Diatomic molecules, Ultracold molecules, Molecules

    Alternating-gradient focusing and deceleration of large molecules

    Wohlfart, Kirstin | DataCite | 2008
    Schlagwörter: cold molecules, large molecules

    Controlling the magnetism of adsorbed metal–organic molecules

    Kuch, Wolfgang / Bernien, Matthias | DataCite | 2016
    Schlagwörter: magnetic molecules, spin crossover molecules

    Expression humaner Leukozyten-Antigene und kostimulatorischer Moleküle auf Blasten von Patienten mit akuter myeloischer Leukämie

    Freier Zugriff
    Vollmer, Markus | DataCite | 2016
    Schlagwörter: Co-stimulatory molecules, HLA molecules

    The 6-GHz methanol multibeam maser catalogue – II. Galactic longitudes 6° to 20°

    Freier Zugriff
    Green, J.A. / Caswell, J.L. / Fuller, G.A. et al. | BASE | 2010
    Schlagwörter: ISM : molecules

    A theoretical approach to the formation of glycine in the interstellar gas phase

    Krumrey, Christine | DataCite | 2002
    Schlagwörter: Molekülphysik, Molecular Physics

    The framework of α-molecules. Theorie und Anwendungen

    theory and applications
    Schäfer, Martin | DataCite | 2018
    Schlagwörter: parabolic molecules, alpha-molecules

    Review of morphological, optical and structural characteristics of TiO2 thin film prepared by sol gel spin-coating technique

    Freier Zugriff
    Tahir, Muhammad Bilal / Riaz, Khalid Nadeem / Hafeez, Muhammad et al. | BASE | 2017
    Schlagwörter: atomic and molecular physics

    Antiradical activity of phenolic metabolites extracted from grapes of white and red Vitis vinifera L. cultivars

    Freier Zugriff
    Gismondi, A. / Di Marco, G. / Canuti, L. et al. | DataCite | 2017
    Schlagwörter: antioxidant; plant molecules; biochemical profile; grapevines; food quality

    High star formation rates in turbulent atomic-dominated gas in the interacting galaxies IC 2163 and NGC 2207

    Freier Zugriff
    Elmegreen, Bruce G. / Kaufman, Michele / Bournaud, Frederic et al. | BASE | 2016
    Schlagwörter: ISM : molecules

    Centrifugal distortion in asymmetric top molecules; ordinary formaldehyde, H2C12O

    Freier Zugriff
    DSpace@MIT | 1950
    Schlagwörter: Molecules

    Observation of correlated electronic decay in expanding clusters triggered by near-infrared fields

    Freier Zugriff
    Schütte, Bernd / Arbeiter, Mathias / Fennel, Thomas et al. | DataCite | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Atomic and molecular physics

    XUV excitation followed by ultrafast non-adiabatic relaxation in PAH molecules as a femto-astrochemistry experiment

    Freier Zugriff
    Marciniak, A. / Despré, V. / Barillot, T. et al. | DataCite | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Atomic and molecular physics

    The JCMT Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey -- XI. -- Environmental Variations in the Atomic and Molecular Gas Radial Profiles of Nearby Spiral Galaxies

    Freier Zugriff
    Mok, Angus / Wilson, C. D. / Knapen, Johan et al. | BASE | 2017
    Schlagwörter: ISM: molecules

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