Special considerations in safety pharmacology: Biologicals (Englisch)

In: TOXICOLOGY LETTERS   ;  189 ;  S9  ;  2009
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    Special considerations in safety pharmacology: Biologicals
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    Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam.
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Trends in research activity in toxicology and by toxicologists in seven European countries
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Fetal and neonatal exposure to three typical environmental chemicals with different mechanisms of action: Mixed exposure to phenol, phthalate, and dioxin cancels the effects of sole exposure on mouse midbrain dopaminergic nuclei
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The Aryl-hydrocarbon receptor does not require the p23 co-chaperone for ligand binding and target gene expression in vivo
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Effects of plasticizers and their mixtures on estrogen receptor and thyroid hormone functions
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Effects of oximes on mitochondrial oxidase activity
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Yohimbine prevents the effect of morphine on the redox status of neuroblastomaxglioma NG108-15 cells
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"ToxRTool", a new tool to assess the reliability of toxicological data
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Mixed-model QSAR at the human mineralocorticoid receptor: Predicting binding mode and affinity of anabolic steroids
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Engineered cobalt oxide nanoparticles readily enter cells
Papis, E. / Rossi, F. / Raspanti, M. / Dalle-Donne, I. / Colombo, G. / Milzani, A. / Bernardini, G. / Gornati, R. | 2009
Author Index
| 2009
EUROTOX 2009 Organising Committees
| 2009
Safety for people and environment
Foth, H. | 2009
Regulatory approach to first-in-human trials with monoclonal antibodies
Reichmann, G. | 2009
Alkyl sulphates, alkane sulphonates and alpha-olefin sulphonates
Fruijtier-Polloth, C. | 2009
Ten proposals to improve testing and risk assessment
Ruden, C. | 2009
Introduction to safety pharmacology
Valentin, J. P. | 2009
Emerging trends and approaches in safety pharmacology
Valentin, J. P. | 2009
Applying the TTC concept to skin sensitisation and inhalation toxicity
Safford, B. / Carthew, P. | 2009
Primer on human exposure assessment for chemical risk assessment
McKone, T. | 2009
Quantitative uncertainty analysis: Model case study
McKone, T. | 2009
Rho-inhibiting toxins
Just, I. / Dreger, S. C. / Genth, H. | 2009
The botulinum neurotoxins between toxicology and pharmacology
Montecucco, C. | 2009
Interplay of DNA repair and damage signaling in genotoxin-induced apoptosis and necrosis
Kaina, B. | 2009
Interplay of EGF receptor and DNA damage pathways
Peter Rodemann, H. / Dittmann, K. / Toulany, M. / Minjgee, M. | 2009
Special aspects: Species differences, different life stages, exposure routes
Clewell, H. | 2009
Use of dendritic cells for the identification and characterization of chemical allergens
Pallardy, M. | 2009
Competing roles of reductases in the detoxification of carcinogens
Maser, E. | 2009
Genomics and its surrounding technologies. Looking to the future of toxicogenomics
Schmitt, C. S. / Hewitt, P. G. | 2009
Metabolite profiling-A new tool for the identification of toxicological effects of chemicals
Kamp, H. / Buesen, R. / Cunha, G. C. / Fabian, E. / Fischer, W. / Herold, M. / Leibold, E. / Looser, R. / Krennrich, G. / Mellert, W. | 2009
The CHMP guideline on environmental risk assessment of medicinal products for human use: Three years of regulatory experience
Kuster, A. / Hickmann, S. / Rechenberg, B. | 2009
An in vitro model of the human epithelial airway barrier to study the toxicity of nanoparticles
Rothen-Rutishauser, B. / Clift, M. / Brandenberger, C. / Lehmann, A. / Muller, L. / Raemy, D. / Gehr, P. | 2009
Sens-it-iv: Novel testing strategies for in vitro assessment of allergens
Roggen, E. L. | 2009
The use of humanised mice in the risk assessment of non-genotoxic carcinogens
Elcombe, C. | 2009
Ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS): In vivo genotoxicity, cross species pharmacokinetic evaluation, and extrapolation to man
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Effects of fine atmospheric particles on human respiratory epithelium: The role of organic compounds in oxidative stress, inflammatory and repair responses
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Inflammatory processes in a mouse model of chronic pulmonary diseases by cigarette smoke inhalation
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The role of clinical toxicology units in public hospitals:An important source of data for toxicosurveillance
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Zebrafish embryos as a model in general toxicology
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Analysis of signaling pathways by knock down screens in zebrafish
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Deviation from additivity in mixture toxicity: Nonlinear dose-response and relevance for genotoxicity
Lutz, W. K. | 2009
Physicochemical behaviors of photosensitizing drugs
Bosca, F. | 2009
Clinical photosensitisation: Phototoxicity testing in man
Ferguson, J. | 2009
Relevance of WEC as additional test to animal based testing
Menegola, E. | 2009
Investigating partial agonism of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
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An examination of the toxicity of small heterocycles towards the ciliates Tetrahymena pyriformis
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Dynamic culture in multicompartment bioreactor upregulates cytochrome expression in human hepatocytes
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The response of isolated gastrointestinal strips to reference substances' during long-term incubation
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PM10 in Milan: Seasonal variations in eliciting biological effects on A549 cell line
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Optimization of culture and measurement conditions for improved stability and sensitivity of cell physiology monitoring systems for toxicology applications
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Genetic background for mercury metabolism
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A polymorphism in the Ah-receptor gene is related to hypertension and endothelium-dependent vasodilation
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Cytotoxicity of microcystins and nodularin
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Genetically engineered Clostridium botulinum C2 toxin as a molecular trojan horse to deliver biomolecules into mammalian cells
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The activity of fructose diphosphatase and acid-base status in rats exposed to fluoride and ammonium chloride
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c-Fos/AP-1 dependent regulation of the three prime exonuclease 1 (TREX1) by genotoxic stress
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EUROTOX 2009 Sponsors
| 2009
| 2009
The rapid analysis of opiates from low volume whole blood samples by LC-MS/MS utilizing TurboFlow methods
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REACH is but the first step-on the need to improve testing and risk assessment for industrial chemicals
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