Green light emission in aluminum oxide powders doped with different terbium concentrations (Englisch)

in Revista Mexicana de física ; 62 , 4 ; 285-289
Revista Mexicana de física
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Green light emission in aluminum oxide powders doped with different terbium concentrations
Mariscal-Becerra, L. / Carmona-Téllez, S. / Vázquez-Arreguín, R. / García-Rosas, C. M. / Falcony, C. / Murrieta, H. / Sánchez-Alejo, M. A. | 2016
Numerical study of unsteady mixed convection stagnation point flow over a stretching cylinder with sinusoidal surface temperature
Majeed, A. / Javed, T. / Ghaffari, A. / Pop, I. | 2016
Effect of neutron flux on the frequency dependencies of electrical conductivity of silicon nanoparticles
Huseynov, Elchin / Garibli, Aydan | 2016
Novel balanced diplexer with band design flexibility
Corona-Chavez, A. / Kataria, Tejinder Kaur / Olvera-Cervantes, J. L. | 2016
The Feng's first integral method applied to the nonlinear mKdV space-time fractional partial differential equation
Yépez-Martínez, H. / Gómez-Aguilar, J. F. / Sosa, I. O. / Reyes, J. M. / Torres-Jiménez, J. | 2016
Heat transfer over a stretching cylinder due to variable prandtl number influenced by internal heat generation/absorption: a numerical study
Majeed, Abid / Javed, Tariq / Mustafa, Irfan / Ghaffari, Abuzar | 2016
Theoretical studies of the local structure and the epr parameters for tetragonal Cu^2^+ center in mixed alkali cadmium phosphate glasses
Lin, J. Z. / Zhang, B. F. / Yang, Y. / Xiao, P. / Zhao, Y. | 2016
Estudio teórico sobre el cambio de índice de refracción y la absorción óptica en un punto cuántico en presencia de un campo magnético uniforme
Portacio, A. A. / Jiménez, A. F. / del P. Urango, M. | 2016
A comprehensive study on the internal structure and thedensity distribution of ^1^2Be
Aygun, M. | 2016
Analytical calculation of radiative corrections of a THDM potential
Méndez, E. Díaz | 2016
Diffusion of chemically reactive species in stagnation point flow of a micropolar viscoelastic fluid in a porous medium over a stretching/shrinking sheet
Abbas, Z. / Sheikh, M. / Sajid, M. | 2016
Family of Lamé spheroconal quadrupole harmonic current distributions on spherical surfaces as sources of magnetic induction fields with constant gradients inside and vanishing asymptotically outside
Medina, L. / Ley-Koo, E. | 2016
Numerical study on the magnetohydrodynamics of an oscillatory flow under inductionless and core-side-layer approximations
Rizzo-Sierra, J. A. / López-Hernández, O. I. | 2016
On the birefringence evaluation of single-mode fibers
Tentori, D. / Garcia-Weidner, A. / Kuzin, E. | 2016
Synthesis and crystal structure of three new quaternary compounds in the system (Cu-III-Se~2)~1~-~xZnSe~x (III = Al, Ga, In), formed by Zn incorporation in Cu-III-Se~2 chalcopyrites
Delgado, G. E. / Grima-Gallardo, P. / Quintero, M. | 2016

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