Managing knowledge integration across boundaries —  First edition (Englisch)


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Introduction : managing knowledge integration across boundaries / Fredrik Tell, Christian Berggren, Stefano Brusoni, and Andrew Van de Ven -- Part I. Conceptual underpinnings. Managing across knowledge boundaries / Fredrik Tell -- Effective management of collective design processes : knowledge profiles and the sequential ordering of tasks / Steven Postrel -- Relating knowledge integration and absorptive capacity : knowledge boundaries and reflective agency in path-dependent processes / Christian Berggren, Jörg Sydow, and Fredrik Tell -- Bridging the individual-to-organization divide : a knowledge creation approach / Lars Lindkvist and Marie Bengtsson -- Part II. Boundary-crossing knowledge integration in context. Open innovation : managing knowledge integration across multiple boundaries / Lars Bengtsson, Nicolette Lakemond, Keld Laursen, and Fredrik Tell -- Division of labour, supplier relationships, and knowledge integration / Federica Ceci and Andrea Prencipe -- Knowledge, uncertainty, and the boundaries of the firm : evidence from a study of Formula One racing constructors, 1950-2000 / Fabrizio Castellucci and Gianluca Carnabuci -- Struggling with knowledge boundaries and stickiness : case studies of innovating firms in an emerging economy / Solmaz Filiz Karabag and Christian Berggren -- How boundary organizations facilitate collaboration across diverse communities / Markus Perkmann -- Talking through objects : the sociopolitical dynamics embodied in boundary objects in architectural work / Dmitrijs Kravcenko and Jacky Swan -- Bridging scientists and informal R&D collaborations : implications for firm-level knowledge integration and patent performance / Annapoornima M. Subramanian, Kwanghui Lim, and Pek-hooi Soh -- Knowledge integration at work : individual project competence in agile projects / Karin Bredin, Cecilia Enberg, Camilla Niss, and Jonas Söderlund -- Retrieval of knowledge across team boundaries : role of transactive memory systems in a restructuring global organization / Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Yongsuk Kim -- Boundary spanning, boundary objects, and innovation / Andrew Van de Ven and Shaker A. Zahra