Interdisciplinary Geological, Chemical and Biological Studies at the Menez Gwen Hydrothermal Vent Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 37°50'N - Cruise No. M82/3 - September 06 - October 11, 2010 - Ponta Delgada (Portugal) - Las Palmas (Spain)

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The hydrothermally active Menez Gwen seamount at 37°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was selected as a key study site for interdisciplinary geological, chemical, and biological studies within the Research Area "Geosphere - Biosphere Interactions" of the MARUM Cluster of Excellence. The goal of cruise M 82/3 was to gain a better understanding of the hydrothermal processes at this neovolcanic system by closely integrating geochemical and biological investigations, using state of the art in situ technology together with interdisciplinary analyses on board and in the home laboratories. The key research goals of the cruise were achieved thanks to a total of 21 successful ROV dives that were used for video mosaicking of hydrothermal vent habitats, detailed measurements of physico-chemical environmental parameters with in situ instruments, coordinated microhabitat-specific collection of hot and diffuse vent fluids, biota and geological sample collection, deployment of in situ experiments, and the recovery of experiments that had been deployed during a R/V POSEIDON cruise in July 2010. A further achievement of the cruise was the discovery of new hydrothermal vent field. Hydrothermal activity was detected by combining gas bubble detection using R/V METEOR's new EM 122 multibeam echosounder with analyses of water column samples and in situ sensor data. This method allowed us to confirm hydrothermal activity at a new site named Bubbylon with the ROV and provided data indicating the presence of several other sites with hydrothermal activity in the Menez Gwen area.

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