Tracer survey in the Cape Verde region - Cruise No. M83/1 - October 14 - November 13, 2010 - Las Palmas (Spain) - Mindelo (Cape Verde Islands)

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in METEOR-Berichte; M83/1; 1-46; METEOR-Berichte


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During leg M83/1 a combined chemical, physical oceanographic and biological research cruise was made in the northeastern tropical Atlantic in order to obtain a better understanding of the dynamics and variability of tropical oxygen minimum zones within the framework of the SFB 754 (Climate Biogeochemical interactions in the tropical Oceans). The main goal of the leg M83/1 was to resurvey the purposeful tracer release patch about 2.5 years after its injection in April 2008. Further objectives included water mass variability and oxygen/nutrient distributions in the survey region, analysis of transient tracer data to better understand ventilation and abundance of anthropogenic carbon in the area. Moreover, data obtained during the cruise helps delineate water mass transport pathways within the shallow subtropical cell with a particular focus on the exchanges between the Guinea upwelling region and the tropical ocean interior. Biogeochemical sampling was carried out for nitrous oxide and DNA/RNA as well as phytoplankton pigments, biogenic silicate, dissolved/particulate organic matter and zooplankton investigations. Special chemical investigations were carried out to investigate irradiance effects on trace metal redox cycles and trace metal specification.