Dynamic processes in the deep Eastern Mediterranean: deep water formation and energy sources for chemosynthetic ecosystems - Cruise No. MSM13/1-2 - September 28-October 22, 2009 - Rostock (Germany)-Limassol (Cyprus)

Freier Zugriff
in MARIA S. MERIAN-Berichte; MSM13/1-2; 1-25; MARIA S. MERIAN-Berichte


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    DDC:    550 Earth sciences and geology


The aim of the cruise was to investigate the deep water formation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The cruise should contribute to the understanding of a) which processes are responsible for the deep water formation, of b) how the characteristics of the pertinent water masses change, of c) which pathways water masses take and d) to what extent they are mixed. The investigations were carried out mainly by CTD measurements. Moorings were deployed to determine transport routes and to gain an insight into the temporal variability. Additionally, information about the circulation was gained by ADCP and lADCP measurements and ARGO floats. The investigations were supported by biogechemical and biological measurements since specific microorganisms can be correlated to specific water masses. For this purpose, the microbiota composition and the microbiological activity of the different water masses were analysed. Furthermore, on the cruise, students were trained in the use of oceanographic instrumentation and were familiarized with the analysis of scientific questions.