Preparation for careers in engineering and science (Englisch)

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We do not yet know enough about the perceptions and aims which motivate young people when they choose their careers; more research is needed. It is often suggested that not enough of the most able come into science or engineering. If this is so the reasons must include the misleading prospectus which is presented to the public at large. The popular images of science and engineering are as blocks of hard facts placed one upon another by inspired individuals; the uncertainties, and above all the crucial role of human relations, are not seen to be essential to the pursuit of science and engineering. Neither at school, where career choices are made, nor in first degree courses is the evolving character of our subjects stressed, nor the way they are actually dependent on human linkages and interactions. To avoid the two culture society, and to increase the numbers of people at policy making levels who are qualified in our subjects, we need to modify first degree courses. We must give more emphasis to the human aspects, especially communication and team work, and we must attract not only those who plan to become professional engineers but also many who expect to spend their lives in other environments such as the civil service, banking, politics etc. Educating engineers is not enough; we must attract the right young people and educate them through engineering.

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