Information security management in SOCs and SICs (Englisch)

in Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems ; 35 , 3 ; 2637-2647
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems
IOS Press , Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2018

At present new sophisticated attacks make organizations’ IT infrastructure (ITI) break-in more professional and dangerously effective. All organizations must oppose this properly designed and centralized information security (IS) management systems. Learn from the past helps to avoid the consequences of serious IS incidents in the future. Therefore, IS management is necessary for rapidly detecting IS incidents, minimizing loss and destruction caused by then, mitigating the vulnerabilities exploited and restoring organizations’ ITIs. This process can be implemented based on Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Security Intelligence Centers (SICs) as their next evolution step. SOCs’ main functions and serious limitations are defined. The SICs’ concept and functioning are analyzed. The main areas of further research conclude the paper.

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Special issue: Applications of intelligent & fuzzy theory in engineering technologies and applied science
Lima, Stanley / Rocha, Álvaro | 2018
Information security management in SOCs and SICs
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Mathematical modeling for intelligent prediction of gas accident number in Chinese coal mines in recent years
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Financial compensation strategy of PPP project based on game theory and intelligent optimization
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Research on the competitiveness of China’s leisure sports industry based on statistical method
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The design and construction based on the ASEAN piano music library and display platform
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Simulation analysis of intrusion detection system based on genetic attribute reduction algorithm and neural network based on rough set theory
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An intelligent price-appraisal algorithm based on grey correlation and fuzzy mathematics
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Evolution of path dependence and lock-in with the knowledge mining analysis of Web of Science literature
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Personalized exercise recommendation algorithm combining learning objective and assignment feedback
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Dynamic measurement of the liquidity level of the stock market based on the LA-CAPM model
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Application of the Fuzzy-AHP method in the optimization of production of concrete blocks with addition of casting sand
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Attribute reductions in an inconsistent decision information system
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Structures of fuzzy truth values based on a type-2 fuzzy set
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Fuzzy identification of a threat of the inability state occurrence
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Interval neutrosophic stochastic multiple attribute decision-making method based on cumulative prospect theory and generalized Shapley function
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Erratum to “Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on multi-attribute group decision making for business intelligence system”
Chuantao, Wang / Xiaofei, Cai / Baowen, Li | 2018

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