A Hydraulic Inclinometer, Linear Accelerometer and Angular Accelerometer (Englisch)

An inclinometer, a linear accelerometer and an angular accelerometer are described. All devices utilize fluid as masses, the resiliency of bellows as restoring force and the fluid's viscosity for damping and hydraulic resistance. All devices use a pair of thermistor beads in a Wheatstone bridge as sensing elements for small fluid displacements. The generation of the required functions is dependent on the usage and/or design of the three devices above. Appendix A, by L. A. Vendetti, is a description of the electronic circuitry associated with the thermistor bridge. In Appendix B, A. G. Rozner investigated the applicability of the new device for motion measurements of moored cylindrical bodies; and in Appendix C, the applicability of the new devices for the measurement of forces acting on a moored body. (Author)

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