GRI/DOE Multi-Sites Fracture Diagnostics Project: Monitor Well No. 1 Drilling, Data Analysis and Instrument Emplacement. Topical Report, February 1995 (Englisch)

The Monitor Well No. 1 was drilled in February and March 1994 to a total depth of 5,000 ft; 9-5/8-in. casing was subsequently run and cemented to 2,120 ft. In the drilling phase of the Monitor Well, 103 ft of core were cut and recovered in the C and B sand intervals and used as the basis for (1) description and orientation of natural or induced fractures; (2) description of lithologic and geologic character; (3) measurement of routine porosity and permeability data; and (4) measurement of special core analyses including circumferential velocity anisotropy (CVA). Log analysis data were acquired for characterization of natural and induced fractures, assessment of reservoir fluids and porosities, and development of a mechanical properties/stress profile. In October 1994, an instrumentation array composed of 30 accelerometers and 6 inclinometers was secured to a tubing string and run in the wellbore to the approximate depth interval between 4,014 and 4,882 ft. The tubing and attached instrumentation were cemented in place, thereby allowing comprehensive fracture diagnostics experiments to be implemented.

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