Evaluation of Washington Hydraulic Fracture Test (SHRP) for D-Cracking Aggregate (Englisch)

An evaluation was funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation (ILDOT) to investigate the ability of the Washington Hydraulic Fracture Test to identify D-cracking susceptible aggregate. Two machines were used for testing: the large (WHFT 97) which was fabricated at UIC and the smaller chamber (WHFT 94). The WHFT 97 is completely automated in terms of controlling the entire testing procedure for each respective 10 cycles of operation, and requires minimal manual labor. Twenty-one different aggregate samples, with different degrees of freeze-thaw susceptibility, were tested according to the WHTF test procedure on both machines to establish a direct correlation, if possible, between the results of the proposed WHFT test procedure test and those reported for the ASTM C 666 Method B as modified by ILDOT. In addition, petrographic analysis was conducted on each aggregate sample in order to determine its percentage of air voids, pore size, and pore size distribution. The pore size distribution, as well as the durability factor of all the aggregates, were also determined. Unfortunately, a comparison of WHFT to ASTM C 666 Method B (ILDOT modified) test results showed a lack of direct correlation across the vast majority of the 21 test samples. This lack of direct correlation precludes the use of the WHFT test as a direct replacement for the ASTM C 666 Method B test procedure. Since a direct correlation was not established, the test data was compared using the two test methods failure modes to establish the WHFT 97's potential as a screening test.

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