Radiological Consequences of the Use of Fly Ash in Construction Sector and Geotechnical Applications (Ohne Sprachangabe)

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Breathable Walls - Sustainable Innovation for Future Built Environment
Yu, Chuck W.F. | 2011
Numerical Simulation and In Situ Investigation of Fine Particle Dispersion in an Actual Deep Street Canyon in Hong Kong
Zhang, Yun-Wei / Gu, Zhao-Lin / Lee, Shun-Cheng / Fu, Tzung-May / Ho, Kin-Fai | 2011
Characterisation of VOC and Formaldehyde Emission from Building Materials in a Static Environmental Chamber: Model Development and Application
Jianyin Xiong / Yinping Zhang / Shaodan Huang | 2011
Assessment of Airborne Total Volatile Organic Compounds of Niagara Falls Residences as Compared to Resident Lifestyle
Grenga, Paolo N. / Gallagher, Michael J. / McGahan, Megan E. / Raymond, Danielle M. / Priefer, Ronny | 2011
Ventilation Rates and Unsatisfied Percentage from Indoor CO2 Concentration
Costanzo, S. / Cusumano, A. / Giaconia, C. | 2011
Radiological Assessment of Radionuclide Contents in Soil Waste Streams from an Oil Production Well of a Petroleum Development Company in Warri, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Jibiri, N.N. / Amakom, C.M. | 2011
Radiological Consequences of the Use of Fly Ash in Construction Sector and Geotechnical Applications
Turhan, Seref / Arikan, Ismail H. / Küçükcezzar, Rezzan | 2011
Radiation Doses Due to Indoor Radon Exposure, Before and After the 2005 Earthquake, in Dwellings of Muzaffarabad and the Jhelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Rafique, Muhammad / Rahman, S.U. / Rahman, Said / Nasir, Tabassum | 2011
Method for Evaluating the Relative Efficiency of Selected N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks to Prevent the Inhalation of Airborne Vegetative Cells by Healthcare Personnel
Davidson, Craig / Green, Christopher F. / Panlilio, Adelisa L. / Jensen, Paul A. / Stover, Beth H. / Roselle, Gary / Gibbs, Shawn G. / Scarpino, Pasquale V. | 2011
Survey of Indoor concentrations of Radon and Thoron in homes in Bangalore, India
Sathish, L.A. / Nagaraja, K. / Nagesh, V. / Sundareshan, S. | 2011
Indoor Air Quality in the Control Tower of Athens International Airport, Greece
Tsakas, Marios P. / Siskos, Panayotis A. | 2011
Letter to the Editor
Kelman, B. / Robbins, C. / Fallah, P. | 2011
A Response to the Comments of the 'Letter to the Editor' by B. Kelman et al
Gutarowska, B. / Sulyok, M. / Krska, R. | 2011

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