A mobile agent system framework based on dynamic pattern application for ubiquitous network (Japanisch)

Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan
; 2004
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As the computing environments are growing in recent years, we can access networks at almost any time and any place. For example, we can use the networks by accessible devices at office, at home, at the platform of a station, or in a building using wireless networks. However, some problems may occur when we develop the network applications used in the above-mentioned situations, because the execution environments are different from traditional ones. The problems are the following. The first one is the difficulty in considering appropriate security. The second one is the difficulty of dynamic changes of network environments such as changes of access points by user migration or changes of devices being used. The last one is the problem specific to open network environments such as additions of new networks or hosts. In this paper, we propose a new mobile agent framework to solve the above problems. This framework includes patterns which define agents' behaviors to communicate with each other using an appropriate protocol in many kinds of situations. The patterns are selected from the viewpoint of their execution costs. The framework splits the system specifications into the environment descriptions and the logic of the system, so that we can develop the software which adapts to the dynamic changes of the networks at run-time. In addition, we can easily maintain the software even if the execution environment is changed.

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