Generation of character animation holding a tool with its both hands by using three 6DOF trackers (Japanisch)

Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan
; 2004
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We propose a real-time method to generate character animation of whole body while holding stick-like tools by using only three 6DOF trackers. This method is achieved by introducing estimation with regression analysis based on the variables obtained from the 6DOF trackers attached to the subject's shoulder, waist, both elbows, both knees and the tool. On the execution period, the animation of character is generated by estimating the unknown DOFs such as joints of elbow and knee, by using the established regression formula with three 6DOF trackers attached to the shoulder, the waist, and the tool as the inputs. Here, the method assumes the fixed foot position and holding tools with his both hands as constraints, and joint angles of both elbows and both knees are calculated by inverse kinematics. As the result, we could generate natural character animation of whole body by using the proposed method.

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